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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Why are these guys happy?
a. They are possessed.
b. They are the high from taking Enervon.
c. I’m not with them.
d. All of the above.

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Obviously, I survived the weekend. Hurrah for that. I am left with 250 pesos in hand now, and it is good until the first half of the day tomorrow—I hope. I didn’t totally went offline the past weekend because somebody saved me from an imminent bloody boring slumber. My only regret was not being able to hangout with good ol’ college buddies in Tagaytay and not getting the juiciest infos from them. So it was just me and our damn old television, thank you HBO, MTV and ETC.
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For the nth time, my budget is depleting once again. Payday is still scheduled early next week and I’m only left with 500 pesos in my pocket—less my allowance today. I have made my expenses for the whole weekend and it has been bloody I tell you. I will be sacrificing a lot.

I’ll be stretching my money for the gym, a facial cleanser and my allowances for work next week. They are just few but all those will leave me empty-handed. Weekend this time is probably boring, who can live with a few bills these days? Thinking about budgets also decreases my creativity. Oh hell, my money in hand equates the creative juice in my head!
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News are getting redundant. Both major networks are flashing the same news over and over again. International news channels are the same too, all are just terrible news. When will we get a dose of good news today?
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Boss summoned me to work yesterday in the office. I was not doing anything at home so I was eager to work even if it was a Sunday. On the first place, I didn’t want to stay at home because humidity was killing me which I hoped that would be lessened by the office’s aircon. Off I went to the office traveling the road burnt by the brilliant sun that sizzling afternoon. I could have kissed our office’s wall that saved me from the heat outside.

Work was done quickly and it was just 5 o’clock in the afternoon. I chose to chill and to step my foot once again in the mall closest to my heart; Glorietta. I traveled to Glorietta 4 first and looked if there was something interesting. No luck, all there were trash. My tummy was crying out for hunger that made me go straight to Burger King. If only that chocolate sundae was not included in that Whopper Jr. value meal I could have eaten the original size Whopper, darn it!
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Dad bought me a boxer short last Friday. I was hesitant to wear it because I never did wear a boxer shorts in my entire life. Curiosity bloomed as I stared the patterned boxer short deciding if I would wear it. I found my legs gently sliding through the holes of the short until the garter reached my waistline. I jumped out of the room, faced the large mirror and criticized how I looked like in the shorts. I looked like my dad in it or was it because it didn’t sport a youthful design. Boxer shorts are not sexy at all.
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