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Monthly Archives: March 2008

My job for more than two years here is finally over. Now, I’m moving to a better place. No, it’s not heaven yet, I’m not dying ok? If it’s like hell living on earth, I still love it. Better place means a better job in a quite bigger office… and better computer. And yes, I will be rich. Hell yeah!

At least the internet there is not restricted, unlike here which I still have to use a proxy just to make a post or use my email to blog in my blogspot account. Of course too, I still have to know my limitations which I always tend to abuse. Especially for the first months and years, I want a stable career, do I? So Agent Grey, behave and KNOW YOUR LIMITS!

Two years is very long. Within those two years, I’ve been to many aspects of my life. Joy, stresses, fun and experiences. I’ve been an active blogger/writer and broaden my horizon through cyberspace at the heydays of stagnation and boredom. I’ve met different personalities and friends online, attended parties and get drunk with them. I’ve gained pounds and shed them off to show muscle definition. I also experienced restriction from the net and prohibited watching in youtube but not xtube. My two years here have come to an end, and those years I have stayed here will always retain in my memory and with all these writings. So shall it be cherished forever. I do hope with this new beginning I’m having as a professional can make me more productive… and give me a girlfriend for crap’s sake.

I am actually working there as a part-timer, I work there after my work here. So I can actually call it a two-timer than a part-timer. But hey, we need to earn. Today is a payday, it means I’ll be doubling my cheques. I’m a thousand peso richer than before. Well, it’s just now because by Monday, I will be full-time in my new office. One more thing, Holy Week is coming and I’ll be spending much of my cash vacationing with my friends.

Oh the vacation, yeah…

My gang, the Adbertaysers, will have it’s annual holy week vacation again. I didn’t join them last year because some of my hullabaloos but this time I will—if my budget permits me. The gang initially puts my mom’s hometown, Aparri, into the list of where we can stay for holy week. Unfortunately, we can’t go there for now because no one will assist us. My aunt there gets sick whenever she gets stressed. Maybe we’ll be there next time, when my mom will be there to cook us those sumptuous comfort meals.

So the plan will be to Batangas this year. It will be the second time for them, and the first time for me. I badly need to reshape my abs and have that V-taper before the holy week vacation. In case you don’t know, I’ve lost a few pounds, a bit of my love handles, contoured my upper abs and bulked my pecs. Thanks to my program and instructors at my neighbor gym. But I have to double my efforts at the gym to get that sizzling hot body for the long weekend. Or maybe… I won’t eat for five days.

So there. I’ll start in a new work and have a grandiose vacation next week.

Now, to count my backpay… later, my part-time salary.


Wow! Two posts in a week? That’s new.

Oh well, I guess everybody have read my twitter. I even asked most of the people in my messenger’s list this hypothetical question:

If I have 40,000 pesos by now, which should I buy? A Mac Mini or a PC laptop?

Tough choices, right? Yes it is. If you are always reading my posts here—if there really is—you may have known that I currently don’t have a PC at home. Well, it’s because it’s already ancient and those type of PC’s are really facing extinction. That’s why it is mandatory for me to get a new computer, and I’m aiming for a better one. Which is, of course, the latest laptops which uses dual-core or core duo processors. Though, I don’t have enough greens to buy yet, but I’m already planning.

Until one day, today, I found out that Mac Mini’s price is also comparable to competitively priced laptops. And as everyone know, I’m a big fan of Macs though I (will) use them only at work. If ever I’ll have my hands on that Mac Mini, I can achieve multiple orgasms. Now, I’m anxious though I don’t have enough budget yet to buy one.

If I will choose Mac Mini, I will still be able to use my former PC’s leftovers for this like the display, mouse, keyboards and speakers for this. Though it’s compact, I can’t use it where there are no available display, keyboard and mouse like coffee shops or wherever I want to go. I can do that with a PC laptop, well, but with that, it will still be prone to viruses. And with laptops, I can still install my favorite PC games. But Mac Mini is far more efficient than a Windows enabled laptop, right?

You may ask, why do I limit myself to a budget of 40K if I can think of something higher than that and opt for a Macbook instead? Well, I only like to make things complicated and miserable. If it’s only easy for me to have 80,000 pesos of course I’ll get that Macbook. I dunno with me why I’m anxious of thinking of that. Maybe I should forget it for now and think it over when that opportunity arrives. 40 or 80 thousand pesos?! Who knows? Be optimistic.

So if you have 40,000 pesos and you needed a computer immediately, which will you buy? A Mac Mini or a PC laptop?

Who would have thought that I’ve been working here in this office for more than two years. Yeah, two years. It’s the longest I’ve been in a company. I started working by age 21, and I’m just 24—soon 25—so you can’t expect me to be working more than 3 or 5 years. I’M STILL YOUNG. Mentally and physically.

It has been a long two years here. I’ve been doing this and that, but sadly I have to grow. Not just by penis size—which I don’t need—but as a professional. Life is too short and so is my budget. That’s why last Friday I’ve already submitted my resignation letter. It was my first time to give that letter.

It was my first time to resign from a job. Indeed I was devirginated… from resigning and not from sex, in which no one else believes. Resigning from my current job made me anxious. I didn’t quit my first job, which was in Alabang, that closed for financial reasons. Though I could have been absorbed by their sister company, I declined and decided to move to a greener pasture and closer to home, in Makati.

I was very lucky to land here in my current office. 15 minutes away from home and cheaper fare rate, ain’t that comfortable? Compared working in Alabang, where I would have to wake up earlier and would take me an hour to get there. I’ve stayed here for two years accompanying the office through its ups and down. During its downtimes, there I found the bright world of online journals. That’s how I became an active blogger.

In the new job I’m transferring, I will be busier. Maybe I’m busy now, but I’ll be busier than this. Like overtime for a week and less chatting in YM or surfing the net. It’s ok, we have to earn it. Being on top needs a lot of work!

Why transfer to a new job if I’m currently comfortable and laidback in this office? I can’t stay like that forever, can I? I’m not yet that filthy rich and it’s the right time to notch my career. So is my salary. I have needs and it can’t be achieved just by sitting my ass. I’m up for the challenge and that will satisfy my masochistic tendencies. [edit] By the way, I’m still 15 minutes away from home and it’s still around the area, now talk about convenience. Yet, I have to put myself into professional mode when I start there, which means waking up early and avoiding tardiness.

Wish me luck with my new job, and let’s hope that new job can make me buy a laptop or build me a condo. Also wish me that I won’t be forgetting how to use a PC because I’ll be handling Mac computers there. So my new motto will be “Mac Rules, PC sucks!”