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Monthly Archives: September 2005

I have been hanging out in my nice old home since I became jobless. I got back to my old habits, watching TV and endless use of computers (I’ve put limits now, since electricity rates so high). Seldom gimmicks I prefer, for I have to save my budget till I find a new work. I got tired watching this so-called Ala-Fear Factor reality show and these all-famous fantaseryes. Though I am not a loyal of any fighting TV stations, our house just got used to the Kapuso network. Then here comes, Pinoy Big Brother, at first I am not amused by this Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay, but as the show progresses I found out what makes this show cracks the curiosity of our societies. It simply shows what’s behind our current society, a piece of reality that we are in. The show doesn’t really show the whole of the Filipino Society, it’s just a small bread crumb of what we really are. The MTRCB ruling blocks the purity of the show. Another thing is, the people in here knows that there are cameras around them, it’s not that candid anymore.