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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Most people misunderstand only children. They often say that only children are spoiled brats, bitches, selfish and anti-socials. Some part of it is true, but mostly not and it depends on the upbringing of the only children—be it by their guardians or by their parents. Being an only child is not that bad, at times, it’s good.

An only child means I have no doubts that my parents love me and I’m pretty sure that I’m their favorite child. There’s no one to compete with except for our pets. I am the sole heir of my parents’ possessions. It’s just that most of my mom’s possessions are the souvenirs of attended baptisms and weddings and my dad has these badly pirated copies of blockbuster and B-movies. Our family doesn’t have so many issues. I do most of the dramas at home.

Another thing I like being an only child, I am not lonely if I’m hanging out to a nearby mall or ridiculously watching a date movie all by myself—I still avoid suspense movies though. I still enjoy the company of friends but being alone at most times doesn’t make me slash my wrist with emoness. This is what I learned for having no siblings, I’ve taught myself to be individualistic.

If there’s one thing that’s sad for only children, it’s sharing. I just don’t mean sharing of clothes or inheriting a brother’s shoes—my feet is size 10 btw. It’s not also sharing rent or relating kinky experiences with a sibling an only child misses. It’s the sharing of sadness and pain.

My lola, who recently passed away at 85, was lucky to have 10 children. My dad, her son, shares the same pain he is having along with his siblings. But for an only child, a parent passing away or simply being sick, the pain is aggravated. He solely receives the impact his parents are having. It will also be painful for an only child to see his parents arguing since he can’t be biased with his feelings toward his parents. And when he knows that both of his parents has a killer disease lurking inside them, he is pushed to live a “perfect” life for his beloved ones.

This is just a POV of an only child like me. I may have a cousin who I treat as my brother but I don’t know if that’s the same feeling of having a blood brother. I am not also sure if the feeling of an only child will differ when he finds a partner in life. Hopefully, it would.