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Monthly Archives: May 2006

16th of May 2006 – It was my birthday. I arrived at the office past 9am and Ma’am Lo just greeted me with a smile. I was somehow puzzled because almost everyone I knew in the office had an idea when my birthday is. So I went to my desk and started working on my project because I had a deadline that afternoon.  A little while Ma’am Lo went to Ma’am Mel’s desk and operate the computer. Then, here came Fatz to the office and greeted "Happy Birthday Alan" while Ma’am Lo still didn’t greet me and walked away. So I was somehow puzzled, and I thought "Baka wala lang sa mood." A little later, Ma’am Mel arrived at the office and didn’t greet me as well, I just thought "OK, ano kaya ito?" and moments later Ma’am Lo handed over me a chocolate cake and greeted me a happy birthday, and suddenly Ma’am Mel shouted, "Dapat di mo muna binati…" and continued "Happy Birthday Alan!" Then Ma’am Mel told me that it was Anthony’s plan not to greet me because they had a scheme for me that day. While Ma’am Lo couldn’t handle it anymore because she had a cake for me and Fatz already greeted me earlier so the plan was not successful anymore. Then, I sent a message (through YM) to Anthony that his scheme already failed, but Anthony kept on denying about it. So I just let it pass. Of course, as our tradition in our office, I gave my officemates a treat. Still that afternoon, no one was greeting me, though I know it was part of the plan, I’m just curious and afraid of the plan because I don’t have any idea what other surprises my friends could give me that day, and I even thought baka magpunta ang mga yun sa bahay, wala naman akong handa. I still worked overtime that day because I had to finish my project because its deadline was the next day. It was almost 7pm the same day when everybody’s greeting arrived through text at the same time. Their greeting  contained "Dahil sikat ka, Yari Ka… Happy Birthday!" and I replied of course with thanks and saying that I already knew about the plan, and somehow it was a failure. I’m very thankful they did this because I wanted a different kind of Birthday this time, and they gave me a unique one, in a greeting way.

If their plan was a success, I would somehow felt bad, because no one was greeting you on your day, so who won’t be? But moreover, I would be more puzzled and stupefied because others were more excited than I was on my birthday. Anthony kept on reminding me about my plan for my birthday, so I would wonder how the hell would he forget that. And all else, everybody would knew it because if one of my friends knew it, they would remind others about it. That’s why I would be more puzzled than feeling bad. That’s why I love all the Adbertaysers.

Thank you my dear friends for the surprising present you gave me on my Birthday!


After being vulnerable, here I am again, back in the old self kicking with full energy. I’m back to my optimistic self. I just hate it when I’m so down. But then, I’m happy again. I’m quite worried about next week because I’ll be turning 23 next week. I have somehow accomplished one of my gift to myself (which is originally an iPod Shuffle or a Digicam), I have added weight, not that much at least there is something. Thanks to the idea of weightlifting. I started hitting the gym two weeks ago, and the experience was so great. At first, it was painful because I couldn’t lift small pounds of weight, but somehow, I loved the pain I was having. I thought "My muscles are working." I never flexed my muscles that hard before. I loved the endorphin rush I was having everytime I hit the gym. The only downside was I couldnt find any girl that has great looks in the gym, damn!

What made me hit the gym? I was actually have plans doing this long time ago. It was only now that my motivation was so strong that made me pursue one of my goals. Adding weight and being fit is one of my greatest gift to myself, although the results are not yet visible as of now or even by my 23rd birthday, but at least I made my own move for my own improvement. My investment for my health is priceless compared to the gadgets I’m longing to have. I’ll set aside those goals and pursue with those goals later this year. Gaining strength and muscles are my goals as of now, and I want to keep motivated doing those things. This is a lifestyle that I am entering, and I know this will be for my own good.

Just wish me luck achieving this!