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Monthly Archives: January 2007

So what’s happening again with me? Well, I don’t know too. I had a lot of expenses the past few days and even weeks. And my account was running low with cash, luckily I deposited this afternoon from my yesterday’s salary. It was not much, just an ample amount. And guess what, we will have a night swimming this coming Saturday in Calamba, Laguna. That’s simply mean more expenses to come. I want to save some because I’m aiming to have my driving lessons this summer.

What can I expect with the swimming? It will be great I guess, except for the cold feet as we rise above the water. I do hope they have chosen a hot spring (or rather a pool with a heater) because I don’t want to have a cold (though my mucous is running all year round) the day after. I need to prepare myself from the overflowing booze on that night. I do hope that I will wake up after the alcohol consume my body.

And now, I need to go to sleep. I love the weather, it’s too cool!!! I always end up waking up late today. I am so in love with sleeping these days.

Till next time my dear blog.


Yes and another year has passed. It’s already 2007 and I can’t believe how time flies by quickly. 2006 has ended and bid farewell, here comes the new year and I still don’t know what’s coming. I somehow achieve some of my goals last year, gaining weight (and muscles), buying the phone I like and saving some. I have written those goals last year here in my blog, and I’ll do it again to watch my progress, good thing ey.

What are my goals this year? I always wanted to drive, so I will enroll in a driving school  for me to learn it. Improve my self-esteem by joining a personality workshop. It feels great to meet new people and learning at the same time. Of course, save more money for me to do those things. Gain more weight and lose this belly, I hate it when somebody says "ang laki na ng tyan mo." So it means, I will never take away the habit of going to the gym, it makes me feel great and fit. I have more in mind maybe I’ll just post it next time.

Hey, this is not a new year’s resolution, these are just goals I want need to achieve. I need to be reminded what must be done that’s why I’m writing these… simply my to-do list for this year.

We were waiting for the New Year’s countdown at the TV. Our home’s clock told us it was already 12 midnight. Everybody’s firecrackers and trumpets were already shrieking outside the streets. The smoke was piling up as the Judas’ Belt rambling noisily. While we, our family, sat in front of the TV waiting for the TV stars shout and wave hello to the New Year.

Welcoming 2007 was extremely different. The banging and crackers ended right after the hand ticked a minute after 12. Unlike before, you could still hear the noise on bed disrupting any attempts of sleeping. The roads were not visible because the smog from the firecrackers covered every streets of the metro. One would be afraid to walk outside their doors because all the firecrackers’ mess were scattered over. This year was different. The street sweepers swept easily those mess, the air was not smoggy and everything went back to normal as if it was not New Year.

New Year’s day was also like the extension of Christmas especially for those kumpares and inaanaks who had not visited. Family reunions was also celebrated during this day. Some of the aguinaldos were still unopened or received by the respective inaanaks and Christmas carolers were still singing expecting for their pamasko. Now, it was different. There were no visitors pressing the doorbell. We were at home warming our butts on the sofa whilie watching that famous noontime variety show and those teleseryes by primetime. Nothing special, it was just a daily routine.

The New Year’s celebration was different from the previous ones. Every celebration is different, nothing is the same. There may be aspects that affects every occasion; finances, crises and more. But that’s what make occasions to be memorable. It’s once in a year or a lifetime occurance. Celebrations whether extravagant or gloomy will always make a mark in our grey matter.

Let’s make every second memorable, we only have one life to spare. It doesn’t matter if occasions are not as happy as before. Life, itself is already a celebration. Why wait for any occasion to celebrate?