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Have you seen superheroes movies lately? Have you noticed the similarities of all those movies?

I do. Most of our superheroes these days have issues. Maybe it’s the fad for most of our fictional iconic heroes. They are not just merely bland heroes who’ll save the earth from nasty super villains and global warming. Heroes should show their human side of them even if they came from another planet, say Krypton. These movies have character depth, in other words, heroes have issues too. In our term, emos.

Superhero + personal issues = character depth = EMO

I don’t know if its a pattern with these movies, or just a tried-and-tested formula of superhero movies. Superman’s weakness is not just kryptonite but also his unconditional obsession with Lois Lane, who is by the way, should suffer severe internal hemorrhage two years ago. Spiderman is a loser which everyone can relate, thus making him a badass and cool is intensely unacceptable. He is already cool being a loser. Ironman is a rich brat, in a positive way. Hancock is a drunk hero with a candid anti-hero attitude. The X-Men would have not been formed by Professor X if only they were accepted by the society. Hulk have problems with his pants getting torn apart over and over again. Batman’s villains, like Joker and Two-Face, have deeper issues than him. Even the legendary Beowulf turns out to be an egotistic maniac. Robots, cars, fishes, insects and monsters have issues too.

See, every hero should have humanistic appeal. Being them, being super is unacceptable especially to the critics. Though they are fictional characters, they should have flaws other than their weaknesses. This is just to show to the world that superheroes are not just for kids, they are for grown ups too. Heroes are corruptible, vulnerable and able to make mistakes. They are not gods who are absolute and pure.

Moviegoers are becoming more intelligent these days. They won’t waste their moneys on badly written movies. Even comedies should have depth too. Comedy should be witty now. A mental smile is better than a dumb laugh. We also forget that being dumb and mindless is already funny by itself. Where’s the fun in analyzing and interpreting parallelism anyway?

The creative license for movies are now restricted. Critics have gained control over the scripts and the directors’ creativity. Artists desire to achieve positive reviews and win awards. Producers uses formula to earn more money and be accepted by judgmental minds. Even porn movies have critics and award-giving bodies. This is how we kill our freedom, our creativity. This is how we put the “out-of-the-box” in to the box.

Is it because people are getting smarter now? Or are we just fond of over-analyzing everything?

Sometimes, it’s better going back to the basic.


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