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Monthly Archives: November 2007

One hell of a week. That’s how I can describe this whole week. As for me, nothing exciting occurred. If watching 2girls1cup video and spread my puke all over the floor is exciting, then it is. Sadly I didn’t puke at all, it only took me a few seconds viewing it until my mouse clicked on the x-mark of the browser. And that didn’t even occur this week, I saw that video few weeks ago. I’ve just passed the disgusting madness to some of my victims friends.
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Insiang: A some sort of review

After a very long time, I saw theater once again. It was centuries or maybe a millennium ago since my last time I saw a stage play. I’m very grateful to Gibbs because he immersed me to see Insiang at CCP last Saturday. It was like my first time again at the theater. I had a great time and Insiang was a splendid show!
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Weekend’s here again. A homestretch from all the work hullabaloos and stress. What a relief! I’ll have a lot of me time and relax for a shortwhile again—I hope. Long weekend is also approaching next week (November 30 to December 2), it’s a perfect time to have a break. And more break is coming by December. Hurrah!

After seeing Beowulf at IMAX, I have to constrain my budget. It’s not because I’m nearly broke, I need to save as much as I can. I’ll be buying a Ford Mustang GT—50 years from now. But really, I’m trying my best to save because I’m spending too much. I’m just flushing my greens down the drain… or maybe my salary is not sufficient anymore to sustain my expensive lifestyle.
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Last night, I dodged hundred arrows, had a spear pointed at my left eye, almost had an axe on my forehead, soared to the skies and dived to the open sea. I was also hit by a harpoon, slammed to a tree branch, crushed by boulders and caught in between body parts. Yet, I’m still here alive, writing some of my craps. Where was I last night and I sounded like I was in a battle? I was in a battle alright. I was in a war between men, demons and a hot dragon momma with a built-in stilleto on her heels at IMAX watching Beowulf.

Note: This is not a movie review of Beowulf. There are no spoilers here so read on or I’ll devour your heads.
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The start of this week has been bloody hectic. I’ve been working on multiple projects simultaneously. And I’m still lucky to survive after working on projects dealing with neurological diseases—and I’m still not done with it. With all the pending revisions and other queued workloads, I’ll be having symptoms of schizophrenia like Vaslav Nijinsky and John Nash—the mathematician played by Russel Crowe in The Beautiful Mind.

I could feel my brain bleeding from exerting too much effort on these projects. One project after another, I think I’m gonna die. Okay, that’s soo Mariel Rodriguez. Please gimme a break or else I’ll break into a dance number and gyrate on top of my desk. You can guess I’m a bit stressed working on numerous job orders with only a little time for a me moment. I’m lucky to steal a few moments this time to write here in my journal.
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If there’s one rule that can overpower Confucius’s Golden Rule then this is it.

For one, if we are the customer we’ll love this. We can be bitchy or assholes and do our part of lambasting those people who caters insufficient service to us. When we are the customer, we are the king. WE ARE THE BOSS. Who doesn’t want that? We are selfish beings who likes to be pampered like a baby and being spoonfed all the time. We love to make our lives easier while we make them miserable. But not all can be boss all the time, are we?
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