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Monthly Archives: January 2006

After few years, I got a new phone. It’s not motorola E398, as I wanted before, I got a Motorola C651 ‘coz it’s cheaper and that’s the only phone I can afford for now. The only bad side here is, I gotta change a new phone number. I loved my old phone number because it stayed with me since my 4th year in highschool. It’s about 7 years now. Then I guess, it’s time for a change… and of course transfer my phonebook numbers to the new one. My phone has no data cable yet so that’s what I’m aiming to buy next, i want to improve my phone’s capabilities even it’s not a high-end.

February is coming again…

I got a new phone, so maybe I can focus on my next agenda… have a girlfriend or even just for a date before valentine’s day. I never had any of those before, yes, none in any way. I’m not getting young anymore and it’s about time that I have to experience those things, even just a little. Whether it’s a failure or success, it’s still beneficial to me. I don’t want to grow old empty-handed or get to the point when I can’t move a step even if the opportunity is already there. I am not in a hurry, I just need to learn and feel the love, passion and romance so that i will not end up unexperienced with this matter.

My NEW PHONE NUMBER: Text me… because I won’t



New Year Once Again!!! I’m so desperate coz I still don’t have a new mobile phone and I don’t have any gadgets bought as of this moment. Though, I still have cash in my pocket, it isn’t enough for me to buy my wishlist. What I bought was, a new pair of shoes, GBX. Nice design but not that expensive. But that’s not the only thing that I want, I want a new phone. I was planning to buy a Motorola E398, unfortunately, I couldn’t, it’s worth Php 10,400. How could I have enough cash for that, and I didn’t receive any "pamasko’s" from my ninongs and ninangs. One thing best happened before 2005’s end was my new do. I kinda like my new cut, and it’s totally free of charge!!! Maybe for being vain of my looks I feel good with an almost new hair and new shoes… but that’s not I wanted, I wanted a NEW PHONE. Have mercy with my 3310, it badly needs a rest. Maybe a digicam will satisfy my cravings, or an Ipod shuffle will do, or a PSP/PS2 is also great, but I can’t, for now…

Long Weekends No More Again…

Back to work people, we have to wait for February 25 (People Power) and the mid-April (Holy Week) for our next long weekend, since December occasion is already over (Thank God, no more hangovers). Sad, we have to wait for almost a year for our next vacations and celebrations.

More Goals to make this year…

Since this is a new year, I have to establish new plans for the year. Maybe I can start with saving money for a new phone (again!?) or other things. Next will be a girlfriend. New wardrobe… that’s too expensive I know. And less expenditures, that’s contrasting from my previous statement, haha. Gain weight and muscles. I will make more realistic small goals to achieve this year.

Happy New Year Peeps!!!