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Monthly Archives: September 2007

This song keeps on reverberating on my head plus the visual tremor that sticks on my head whenever I’m hearing this song and seeing its music video. Great timing because I wanted to post something in regards to the concept of the song.

This is only temporary
I’m not really in a hurry
A party on morning
Work all night
Get my money when the sun shines
lyrics from Call Center by Cambio

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies boomed and they are now selling hotcakes to a lot of jobseekers out there. BPO’s did a great job to decrease the massive amount of unemployed here in the country. As they sprung like mushrooms across different cities, large numbers of jobseekers piled up just to get that position that can give them a tempting amount of salary. I bet that big amount of money are perfect for them because they also need money to regain their health.
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She was panting when she entered an empty cottage in a dark shady forest. Traces of sweat and dirt were obvious on her terrified angelic face. She quickly slammed the door enclosing her in the darkness of that old wooden home. There was an abominable stench in that empty abode and the floor was so slippery because of spilled blood. Heartbeat was pounding heavier and reverberated through the forest’s silence.Suddenly, there were footsteps heard at the cottage’s patio.

The mysterious hooded stalker arrived where his prey was hiding. The girl’s eye gleamed with fear. The hooded stalker smashed the cottage’s door with the sickle he was holding. The girl was extremely frightened and started to scream which broke the night’s silence. She stepped away from the door until the house’s darkness consumed her. She continued screaming as she was moving back. Then, a sudden thump echoed through the cottage that silenced the screaming girl. The stalker got through the door and stood at her prey’s foot that now lying quietly on the floor. Moonlight peeked through the cottage’s windows and lightened on the prey. She was already dead. Blood flowed on her golden hair as a metal pipe peeking out from the floor punctured the girl’s cranium that caused her to die instantly. The hooded stalker smirked and uttered a word, “Stupid.”

That’s how everyone want Paris Hilton—or perhaps Malu Fernandez—to die.
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Time moves fast and it has been 3 years since I finished college. I said ‘finished’, right? Yeah, because I never did attend my graduation march. I officially graduated September 2004, 2 semesters behind my friends and blockmates. Thanks to our university’s crappy system that victimized me and forced me to stay one semester longer than I should.

Isa akong biktima ng bulok na sistema ng eskwela.
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I’ll summon my geek side once again for this post. I’m a bit techie too that’s why I love to share this post to all the junkies out there. Gotta grab those nerdy glasses, checkered pants, suspender and that neon green trunks. Care for a li’l roleplaying?

Let’s set aside our delusions of having a Mac or any Apple products. Windows operated computers are not as superb to Macs but there are also some that are definitely outstanding. Most tech-junkies or maybe just gossipmongrels of the web may have heard of these computers, Alienware. I have not heard if any PC’s of this brand landed on our shores or has been stacked to the shelves of local computer stores.
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“Forever young, I wanna be forever young”
lyrics from Forever Young by Alphaville

No one can stop time. It doesn’t move backwards or pause, all it does is to go forward. Along with time is our age. Skin will sag to the floor and eyes will not be sharp like before. Ladies will not be interested with sex instead they will master cross-stitching because their husband’s schlongs won’t go stiff. Men will not be interested with their wives whose boobs will be able to make a knot. That’s physical aging. As we near the end of our lives, our knowledge widens; we learn through time.

Being in the mid-20’s, I can say that I’m not that young. I’ve encountered and still battling with quarter-life crises. Still, I don’t feel or even act like a 24-year old man. I can’t totally say I’m immature though because I can also come up with ideals and valid reasons. My professor in college once told me that I was an “old soul”. If I believe in reincarnation maybe my soul really have roamed through the timelines of the Neanderthals and the dark ages. I was a horny Spartan before.
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I’m too lazy to update this blog. Maybe the sudden downpour drained my neurons from the sky. My brain is currently floating in the clouds, struck by lightning and squeezed in midair that produced the metro rains today. What the hell am I saying? I really dunno. All I can think of today are shits and craps.
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