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Monthly Archives: June 2005

No, it’s not that wonderful really. The weather is not that bright, it’s actually cloudy and dim. Nothing new is happening here in the office except for the fact that two of my colleagues will be leaving our company today. After spending a lot on my meal (not again!?) today, I found myself alone in the office again. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be alone in our office with my boss. That’s sad, I know. Though my colleagues are on the other office, I can’t always go there coz I still need to work and their boss will also be there for most of the time. Office is not a place for hangouts.

But today, actually yesterday, I found an inspiration for arts once again. I found these photographer listed in a brochure that my boss brought from Australia, and the works were great. Erwin Olaf, a photographer from Netherlands, did a lot of great jobs in his portfolio. His concepts were extremely great, I was delighted. His concepts are bizarre and noir. Especially  the shots of Royal Blood from his portfolio in were really great. Erwin Olaf has a lot concepts and stories from the series of his photographs. If he will be having an exhibit here, for sure, I’ll be there to see it.

To all art lovers out there, be sure to check his website.


Guess what? I have a project now, but my ideas don’t appear on my head. Maybe because of yesterday’s trip to Calamba, I think I have left all of my good ideas there. Though, the boss didn’t tell me when will my projects are dued, I guess I need to produce bright and creative ideas. Where and How can I get those ideas in this four-cornered office? Maybe I can look through the walls and ceilings, but I tried that so many times and I found nothing. Nothing, that’s where all things starts. It’s really hard to start with nothing. Like writing in this blog starts from an empty paper. Should I have an inspiration? But for us working in advertising, an industry that needs creative ideas all the time to produce money, we can’t produce those everyday, it’s not always that you will find inspirations in your life. We need to work, but we have to work with our ideas to produce a productive outcome. As we all know ideas are unreliable sources of creativity, many of them will appear in a day, but there will be days they won’t. (Get the picture) I really need to work, but there are no ideas coming out of my head, instead blackheads and whiteheads do appear out of my head (What!?). I need ideas, where can I get some?

On Girlfriends…
They say these things will help me to get my inspiration, emotional inspiration that is. Still, I don’t got any of these. I finished high school without any girlfriend, attempted to court, yes, got one, none. I graduated college without love support. Sad, Ain’t I? It has been 10 years without a so-called lovelife. Ten years of focusing on other things in life such as studies, misfortunes, friends, fashion, gimmicks, et al. I am a total virgin, never been loved, never been kissed. But don’t get me wrong, I have infatuations too, actually a lot of them. I may not have a woman in my life, but having an eye for them is already a great feeling for me. Imagine that you can have a look to any beautiful girl in the planet without anyone getting jealous, hehe. I am an only child, if I don’t have my friends and family with me, I will be totally alone in this world. That s*cks! I really need to find one but as my principle says about love, it will come in time or in God’s time, or in a heartbeat. Love is a wonderful feeling. It’s like being infatuated for the rest of your life. I am already prepared for this, I am only waiting for that moment to arrive. As long as that moment has not yet arrived, I will enjoy single-blessedness. It’s not always you’ll be having this experience as a single, right?

Today was a better day than the past ones, guess what, there were less projects coming (That’s a miracle in my position in our company, baby). That’s good for me but bad for the company, I’m earning money while they don’t, haha. Ain’t that fun? Hehe, very naughty of me. Though there are less project these days (maybe of bad luck and karma) I still find something to do, like archiving/burning (CD’s ok) old files, deleting unnecessary documents, and labelling unlabeled discs. Yes it’s easier than graphic designing, but the headache of browsing all the CD’s to find out what’s in them is really exhausting. I need to backup these things to clear up the Hard Disks of my computer (or the company’s computer). I also have to make printouts (coz I rarely do that) to compile all jobs done previously, I guess there are hundreds. These job is really exhausting though a no-brainer task.

This is really better for me, to relax my brain from exhausting mindworks and backing-up old memories too. Task like this is like a vacation in the office where no brainstorming is needed. I need to back-up myself too and maybe do some defragging of my mind to maintain a good performance, socialization and a brighter personality. I don’t want to end up like an old computer that crashes down.

It’s Monday once again, another week of stress and start of weeklong dilemma. More problem-solving to do, and a lot of projects to face. Got to start this Monday positively and good lucks to end it the same way on Friday, we don’t want a terrible week, do we? It’s Monday again and we have to wake up early for our work (or class). Why do Monday have to be made, just like our favorite cat Garfield he hates Monday. After long hours of drinking of booze last Sunday night you have to wake up early morning with the feeling of a banged head. If only you can wake up late on Monday morning just to get your hangover over. Then you’ll get to the office and see pile of projects to greet you. Monday meetings that kills you even if you’re down with the last night’s doze of booze. How you wish it’s already Friday again and get your groove out in the night again. There’s no Monday night out, for that’s totally boring.

Let’s face it, Monday sucks. Stress starts on Mondays and the party starts on Fridays. The rest of the weekdays are full of endless dilemma and meeting your bad boss in the office.

Now back to work my friends coz there’s a lot of thing to do this week and then we”ll end it with a BANG this Friday (or Saturday for some) for our gracious reward of booze.

Words are very important to us people. There are a thousand of words we hear, write or say. But there are words or statements we keep in mind, meaningful and related to our lives. Let me tell you some that I have, these are quotations from movies, books, famous people, friends and even I, myself, created:

“Shame is nothing if opportunity is everything.”
“Superman is not brave, he is indestructable. No one can be brave if he is indestructable.” from the movie Angus
“A slot is an anagram* of lost, while a slut is an anagram of lust.”
“The cat can’t play if the rat is away.”
“The more you know the more you realize you know less.” from a friend
In a extremely hot Philippine summer a demon speaks “You’re lucky that your weather is still like this, ours is hotter.”
“I was not here elected to see my people suffer and die, while you discuss this invasion in a comittee.” from Queen Amidala in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
“Men are people with two legs and eight hands.” from a book
“I know nothing.” from Socrates
“When you’re on earth, you can’t defy the law of gravity; what goes up, goes down.”
“For all playboys and sex addicts, sex is heaven while having a baby is hell.”
In a radio promo, DJ’s question is “To what fruit you can compare your kiss?” I answered “Durian, tastes like heaven but smells like hell.”
“Success fruits fame, while fame does not fruit success.”
“Plans are subjected to be done and not to be stuck.”
“You can’t speak of bitch, shit and fuck without knowing it’s meaning.”
“Your name is divine, while your surname is a sanctuary.”
“Knowing nothing is knowing something.”
“The perfectness of man lies on the balance of good and evil which is relative. The purity with either good or evil unbalances which is absolute.”
“The more mistakes you make, the more success you create.”
“Everyone is equally creative.”
“What’s right for you can be wrong to me”
“The strong will live, the weak will surely die.”

These are the quotations I recalled that affects me truly. There are more to come.

I have received a lot of complains this past summer, they were
complaining that summer was too hot. Now the Philippine summer has
gone, and the rain starts on pouring yet we still complain. The rainy
season causes too much trouble, like trouble getting up early because
it feels great to sleep more. Then catching the morning traffic on the
streets due to accidents, floods, and rush hour. Getting a ride will be
harder, especially for the commuters, because the all PUV’s are fully
loaded. And afterwards, before you get to the office you will step on a
puddle of water/mud making your shoes and pants wet. Wearing a jacket
in this kind of weather has been a trouble because it may rain in the
morning then the sun will pop out from the clouds greeting you hello
and warms up the rest of the day. But let’s look at the brighter side
of the rainy season, the weather is cooler and a lot of suspension in
class/work will occur in this type of weather.

Surprisingly, we always complain about the weather. Whether, it’s hot
or cold, rainy or summer, we complain. What kind of weather will be
just right for us? We live in a country that has only two seasons, and
we are lucky for that. Why not enjoy the warm (or extremely hot) summer
and have a sweat because we will burn a lot of calories even we are
just sitting. Be glad of the rain because we won’t be worrying of El
Niño or enjoying a hot drink like coffee and hot chocolates. Let’s
enjoy the season we have, and we will find that our weather is not that
bad after all.