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Obviously, I survived the weekend. Hurrah for that. I am left with 250 pesos in hand now, and it is good until the first half of the day tomorrow—I hope. I didn’t totally went offline the past weekend because somebody saved me from an imminent bloody boring slumber. My only regret was not being able to hangout with good ol’ college buddies in Tagaytay and not getting the juiciest infos from them. So it was just me and our damn old television, thank you HBO, MTV and ETC.

I was not really expecting going briefly online the past days. LA gave me a username and a password last Friday that I could use to kill time that weekend. Unfortunately, it didn’t work when I tried it that night. My dad handed me his cellphone to upload Santana’s Europa into his phone. He went upstairs afterwards and I remembered GPRS usage was only billed 10 pesos per 30 minutes—not bad to satisfy my internet cravings that night. I was able to surf the net using my dad’s phone as modem. Thank you technology! Sadly, I had to keep my surfing short to 30 minutes because it would reflect on my dad’s billing—which his company was paying. No porn, geesh! No new porns in my dad’s cellphone too, my golly!

LA gave me another username and password the following day and it worked. I was able to browse the web and chat with some friends for a few hours. Though, I kept it short because I didn’t know how long those username and password would stand. Thanks LA, he saved me a couple of neurons that I could have used with telepathy.

It is usual for me to go online briefly during weekends. I prefer to refrain using the computer on those days because I am working my weekdays in front of it. I need a breather for a bit and not to mention my mom’s constant whining about the increase of electricity bill. How much we try to conserve electricity, our billing seems not to stop soaring. We have lower usage this July but the bill is higher than last month’s. Really boggling. This is madness! Madness? This is Philippines dummy!

I also think we’ll have our current TV cable subscription cut and subscribe to a cheaper one. I heard my mom’s battling voice against a pitiful CSR of the cable company this morning. Let’s just hope there will be illegal channels with the new cable subscription, for free.

I haven’t seen The Simpsons yet. Hopefully, we’ll have our wages today so that I’ll be able to watch it tonight. This week’s schedule includes couple of nightout and regular gym visits. I hope my salary will sustain me until next pay day. I damn need a financier! I’m now planning to sell my luscious oozing bod for those interested to taste me.

I can’t wait for the Wednesday meetup. I’ll be pigging out on chicken, yey!



  1. darn! i’d wish i’d be there on wednesday. but i’m also broke i cant even dream of going back. then again, you already your gigolo-ish business plan.

  2. I’m not really broke nowadays.

    Buti na lang mabait ang prinsesa ko. HAHA.

    Oh well, may pasok pa ko ng 10! Later.

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