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Why are these guys happy?
a. They are possessed.
b. They are the high from taking Enervon.
c. I’m not with them.
d. All of the above.

Answer: D. All of the above

At this point of time, I want to die. Not because of the terrible heatwave attacking our country or the continuous reign of a demonic president, it’s because I’m dead envy of my good ol’ Adbertaysers buddies. Remember they went to Tagaytay last Sunday while I was murdered by the killer dance moves of Billy Joe Crawford on TV? I didn’t chose the latter but it was a dead end, there was no other choice because el niño was apparent in my pockets.

I have missed so many parties, events and occasions from my group because I have been on a temporary hiatus from gimmicks with them to save some greens. They went to Tingloy, Batangas last holy week and I was at home burning from all my sins. There were also birthday parties I was not able to attend because I focused on other things (e.g. family problems, personal problems, blockbuster movies). I also missed so many updates and juiciest rumors. All I got were snippets of infos from my balls—crystal ball that is.

During my hiatus from the Adbertaysers, I was busy hanging out with mah othurr fwends; co-bloggers. That break from my group was also beneficial too because my horizons expanded to another level—just not in financial terms. I met new fellas and expanded my social network. So I was not totally indulging myself with self-pity and loneliness because I was still busy boozing. With the Adbertaysers and bloggers, they share a common denominator, BOOZE. Booze connects people—next to sex.

I have broken my silence when my ol’ gang planned the trip to Tagaytay, but due to misfortune I was not able to come. Sulking and whining would do no good, it already happened. Hiatus is now over and I’m sure I am not missing the next gimmick. That is, of course if my schedule and budget permits me.

Now I’m sure different gimmicks will happen from both parties. I should get my wallet ready. My social life ain’t dull, it’s plush.

Anyway, I’m starving myself today until tomorrow so that I’ll be eating hearty during the meetup at Max’s restaurant. Please wish that I’ll live!



  1. Aww. You’ll live. When you miss something, something MUCH better will come. Sexy time!!

  2. Aaaawwwww! One day of depriving yourself won’t kill you. I’m sure it’ll leave you in a bad mood, but heck, you’ll last! Haha! You’ll get to enjoy the next time around.. I hope!

  3. Ganyan talaga.. you’ll miss some, you’ll get some. =|

    See ya tomorrow! =)

  4. Haha! I’ve missed so many great get togethers in my life. I die a little inside everytime this happens. Thank God I’m still alive. What I’m trying to say is, money and budget will be your worse enemies in your social scene, so you gotta prepare for the big events!

  5. Juice,
    Yes, I did live!

    Can you lend me some of your luxury?

  6. waaaaaaaaa… di kita nakita sa max’s ah.. hehehe.. pano kaya kita makita.. ngayon lang me naka daan dito.. hihihih.. see you soOOOOoooooonn… 😀

  7. dude, try removing your snap thing.

  8. el nino just reaches everyone’s pocket. too bad

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