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I’m officially depressed. Somehow it may not be seen in the surface but I really feel it. I am tired of boredom. I am sick of being helpless. I am nauseous of being pathetic. I’ve been miserable these days. A lot happened the past few days (or weeks) with my pitiful penniless life.

Financial incapabilities. I guess every Filipino or any in a third-world country have that problem. Yes, my finances are low, but I am not broke. I am not sufficient to spend with small luxuries I wanted. Though, I can still spend small portions for a little fun sometimes. If only I was born rich or having a high-earning job, or perhaps a small business I own, maybe then I will have that financial stability. I need to save and make small sacrifices because my parents need help bigtime.

Health. Not mine, it’s just this common cold that attacks me often, but it’s not the big issue here. My parents both have hypertension and they both need supplements to maintain a good health. Especially for my dad, he has a heart problem. He is still earning but it’s not sufficient to buy bottles of medicines to maintain a good health, we still have other expenses at home.

Family problems. My parents are quarreling often these days. I am extremely bothered by these situations because both of them have health problems. Before, they would quarrel over my father’s vices then next came text messages issues. Everyone at home is affected with these constant quarrels, and of course me too, for I am their only son.

I am not a hero to save me and my family from this series of dilemmas, but I must make sacrifices too. I am not the culprit to what will occur in the future, but whatever happens, it will greatly affects me.

Now tell me I should be happy.



  1. I’m sorry. That sounds like a difficult situation, but I went through a situation like that too. In the end in makes you stronger, as long as you don’t give in to depression. Sure you might feel so useless and pathetic for a few days, but then you have to come to a point where you make yourself useful and feel rejuvenated again. Just hold on and be strong for your family. It’ll pay off; I promise.

  2. This post being 3 months shy of 2 years after your original cry out for help; I hope it finds you in better health, update me on your struggle please, I have a similar problem.

    James, England.

  3. This could be so many of our families, right here in the good ole US of A.
    It happened to me, on a mega scale. There is no easy answer. It will take all of us to square this one! Globally!

  4. It’s going around

  5. I am with a very good guy who had some PTSD and still does to work out. We had a very rough time in our relationship at first but things seem to be headed in a good direction. Then we found out we were expecting! Another good thing. We got married! Good thing. We are blending our familys and in our own home. Life should be all roses and im filled with overwhelming sandess and very depressed. Any help to cope out there? I am making arrangements to see someone about my issues but feel like such an ungrateful jerk right now.

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