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For the nth time, my budget is depleting once again. Payday is still scheduled early next week and I’m only left with 500 pesos in my pocket—less my allowance today. I have made my expenses for the whole weekend and it has been bloody I tell you. I will be sacrificing a lot.

I’ll be stretching my money for the gym, a facial cleanser and my allowances for work next week. They are just few but all those will leave me empty-handed. Weekend this time is probably boring, who can live with a few bills these days? Thinking about budgets also decreases my creativity. Oh hell, my money in hand equates the creative juice in my head!

What will I be doing this weekend with an ample amount of greens? Stay indoors and get nauseated with the local TV programs! Darn, I can’t take that. I will not be able to buy or rent videos for us to watch during late nights. Short hiatus on the internet this weekend is imminent because I won’t be able to buy my PC an internet card. Pity! Why are we still in dial-up connection? Oh yeah, because I’m not yet able to pay bills. So if you will try to contact me this weekend, feel free to send me a private message through telepathy.

Screw me too because for another nth time I will not be able to be with my college friends in Tagaytay this Sunday. I really want to go but with what’s left of me, I can’t. My pride can’t swallow borrowing money from them, but I can take it if they will be giving it for free. It doesn’t matter anyway, I still have two days to master astral projection. I’ll let my soul be with them on that day.

My weekend is going to be boring. I’ll be slouching on the sofa, have power naps during the scorching afternoon and be poisoned seeing balladeers sing. No way, I can still entertain myself. I’ll just lock myself in a room, strip naked, dance to Santana’s Europa and you know the rest. I can’t do that the whole day, can I? I may be secreting blood at the end of the day if I will be doing that. If only I have a partner surely I will not be bored and my juices will be into good use. Will somebody represent just for this weekend?

I badly need that TLA check converted to cash. I will just have high hopes that those clouds up there will pour money instead of raindrops—but hell no, not coins!



  1. Maybe you should try being a bum for the weekend. Totally helps, you’ll still find your 500 pesos in your wallet on Monday 😉 Haha.

  2. Awts! Too bad, but hey look at me I have no Internet connection at home I’ll be paying 6K+ [maybe next week] one time for not paying in 6 months. Not my bad the bill/s goes on the other door [we have many doors/gates in our house] of our house.

    Missing bills means my mother’s not ought to pay for it.

  3. hey how did you learn telepathy?

  4. Don’t feel too bad dude, I’m currently in debt. So you know I’m basically a bum for months. Hahaha!

    Gotta learn telepathy to save money!

  5. Juice,
    I’m only left with 300 pesos now, I’ll be left with 250 pesos by Monday. I’m so sad!

    Got internet through dad’s cellphone today, but just this once. I hope.

    Dalai Lama taught me, you want to learn too?

    Yeah, telepathy saves a lot of cellphone and internet bills. Just prepare tampons for nosebleeding.

  6. Come on! Wait, am also experiencing that. Should be able to budget my allowance for everything! Everything, I tell ya! Anyway, am just too glad that I’m not paying the bills. Ooooh, wait till I graduate and have my own job. I think I’ll be slouching by then.

  7. well, monday is the 30th so it’s payday. unless the payroll is trying to get some attention, and your hard-earned money doesn’t show up in real time.

    even if im not yet earning, i really find it hard to budget money, especially if it’s down to 200 bucks. or worse, a hundred.

  8. Yna,
    You’ll probably be slacking during weekends but be stressed on weekdays.

    200 pesos is the basic daily allowance these days.

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