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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Whatta long weekend! How was my holiday? It was actually more of a vacation than of a holiday. My brain had just activated its vacation mode—maybe because I was lacking good cash during Christmas. In fact, even I’m now back at work, I don’t feel like working at all. I want my lazy ass back on our sofa, insert a crappy movie in the DVD player and munch on sinful junk foods that will bulk my tummy.
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My beloved good ol’ PC just gave up on me last night. It can be a sign. An omen that I need to replace it. I dunno what’s the damage that’s why I have to bring it to the nearest PC repair shop to have it diagnosed. I don’t want it just repaired, I BADLY NEED IT REPLACED with a new one. A laptop perhaps. The only chance I have to get it for now is to win that Ruffbook PC giveaway in The Thinking Blog poll.

I have the no.43 slot, so I’m begging all people reading this—if there are to vote for my blog to nab that Ruffbook PC of my dreams. I need a campaign manager to grab that coveted prize by December 25. Since I am the campaign manager of my own blog, Please vote for number 43.
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Shortcut to Avenue Q

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My eyeball date turned me down yesterday. We were about to watch Avenue Q at RCBC plaza by 3pm but she couldn’t make it yesterday for some reasons. So I sulked in one corner causing our whole town flooded with my own tears. Everyone have a schadenfreude of my misery. I looked for another date because I didn’t want the other ticket to be left unused. And I found a date! My alter-ego!

*Schadenfreude – People taking pleasure in your pain

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Filipino talents are gaining fame now eh? With the simple use of Youtube, gaining popularity and exploiting potentials is just easy. Who doesn’t know Christine of Happyslip? Ranking second last year at the Youtube awards and showing her whacky talents in the web, who’ll not know her? The flipside of a person is always a big hit.

How about Charice Pempengco? After making Koreans awe in amusement with her incredible voice, the whole Youtube audience was astounded with her performance. She’s been seen by E’s Daily Top Ten. Even Ellen DeGeneres wanted Charice to come to her talkshow. She’s an exceptional Filipino talent and she’s just only in her tweeny years.
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

C’mon! It’s the holiday season. Let’s keep our optimism high. Don’t sulk at the corner and burst tears. There’s a lot more to celebrate. December is full of good things. There are long weekends, cool weather, gifts, Christmas bonuses, 13th-month pay, news of Incubus coming to Manila, parties, boozefests and I’m freakin’ sizzling hot! What more can you ask for?
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Well, I was quite bored while waiting for my friends at Starbucks. Sketchpad eased my boredom while sipping my hot green tea.

I barely understand my own doodle but if someone will interpret it for me, then that’ll be good.

If this is an archaeological mural, how will you read this? If this is a prophecy, then what future can be seen here?