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Monthly Archives: February 2006

There are moments that I am thinking "what if my story will be told in public or perhaps made it to a movie", my answer will always be "it won’t be a great story at all." I always see my life as a bore, there’s nothing interesting about it. Maybe if my parents’ stories will be told, it will make a great dramedy (my mother’s life is dramatic, while my father’s story will be something funny and adventurous). As I look back through my experiences, I don’t have so much adventures, there’s no risk, I always take the safer side. If there’s a drama, I just make myself dramatic or maybe I was just vulnerable at that time. There’s no romance to tell, maybe soon, but none in the past. I don’t have exciting moments or any travelling that occured. Or maybe, I am not a good storyteller at all… or I have overlooked my past and I should rekindle each minute that I have. Maybe my adventures are not the physical ones everyone experience, it could be an emotional adventure… or could be a philosophical journey. I have so much in mind that I sometimes forget the glad and sad points of my time. Or when everybody is happy I’m just there sulking. What am I doing with myself? Am I just wasting my time?

I want my life to move on a different light. But I am still young, and my life has not started yet. My fate is yet to be written. Once it is written, it will be one of the great stories to be told.