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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Metro Manila traffic. It’s hell! Wait, it’s not. It’s worse than hell. Not even Satan or Hades will enjoy the traffic we have here. If the Supreme Being will punish the sinfuls, He’ll just be bringing them to Metro Manila during rush hours. So if ever the punished will choose MRT or LRT, he will still perish.

I dunno why we suffer from heavy traffics everyday. We can’t use it as a valid reason anymore when we come late to our work or appointments. The only reason I see why the traffic is heavy in our major thoroughfares are those stubborn ginormous buses wanting to gather every passengers and pedestrians they see. Can we blame them? Of course not, both sides need to earn especially now when everything is soaring, except Mahal and the President. They can still fit inside Polly Pocket.

her eminence’s palace

Would you believe that getting out from our small town will already take me 15 to 20 minutes? It’s because the jeepney drivers wanted to get every passengers of our town. If only streetlamps are alive and halt them, they will get them. I am supposed to be just 15 minutes away from work—or maybe just 10—but it takes me 20 minutes to get there. It’s either I’ll be late or just a sec away from it.

Who knows when this will be diminished. I guess we have to wait until the drivers and the pedestrians be discipline. When will this happen? Nobody knows.

For now, it’s part of our urban lifestyle.