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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Globelines Broadband is already pissing me off. I am in no position to argue with their useless call center representative because I am just an ordinary narcissistic good-looking employee in this company. There is no week that we are not whining about their unstable and intermittent connection. And it’s also annoying whenever we are asking for an onsite visit they will always say:

“Please wait for 24 hours for our technicians for an onsite visit…”

[or something like that]

Yes, it will take 24 hours for the technicians to check their cabinet and look into our connection. It can be tolerable if this is a residential broadband, but it isn’t, this is a business establishment. A hindrance in internet connection is already a fatal caliburn piercing and slowly killing any media-based company.
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My Text Link Ads check has not been en cashed yet, because there is no way I can convert it to cash. I need at least 200 dollars worth of dollar savings account to deposit it in a local bank. Where in the world can I get that amount? I can’t take it to any money changers that crowd Malate because I have my name in that check. This is a sign of Armageddon.
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Do you believe in fate?
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The sky divided the light and darkness as the sun settled down the brown sea of Manila Bay. My feet strode the bridge overlooking EDSA as I saw the separation of day and night. No, it was just a hazy illusion caused by pollution. The jeep awaited me to ride it, it was already full so I declined its tempting offer. I chose the following jeepney and quickly jumped in the front seat. A quickie… way home.
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Gazillion of bloggers are now dominating the internet. Probably, there are thousands of Filipino bloggers now. I may want to visit all of them but it will take my eyes to bleed first and my fingers get entangled with the keyboard. Of course, I have a work and a social life too, that’s why I can’t stand reading all of those blogs. Unless someone will provide me a luscious girlfriend, unlimited amount of money or buy me my own domain.

Not all blogs have the same content and that’s awesome. I can sort out the blogs I like, I kinda like, I don’t like and I like to hate. There can be a gazillion of links in the blogroll but only a few of them are really read. That’s why some bloggers separate the favorites and the rest for the sake of technorati. Just like any bloggers, I have criterias of the blogs I read too.
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After the boozefest aftermaths, the following day was a lackluster. Just like any Sundays, I hate it. The clock ticked slowly and the damn television showcased dumb celebrities singing and dancing to the same song over and over again. I didn’t cling on to my PC yesterday because I would be hanging out again with the computer 8 hours during the weekdays.

I was already turning emo yesterday and I nearly slashed my wrist with a papercut from the catalog of gadgets I was reading. Fate didn’t allow me to die bleeding with a papercut. My head was hazed by the day’s boredom so my eyes were shut and I was brain dead for an hour. After a few days in my dream and an hour of hibernating that late afternoon, I woke up but not yet back in my game.
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