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Gazillion of bloggers are now dominating the internet. Probably, there are thousands of Filipino bloggers now. I may want to visit all of them but it will take my eyes to bleed first and my fingers get entangled with the keyboard. Of course, I have a work and a social life too, that’s why I can’t stand reading all of those blogs. Unless someone will provide me a luscious girlfriend, unlimited amount of money or buy me my own domain.

Not all blogs have the same content and that’s awesome. I can sort out the blogs I like, I kinda like, I don’t like and I like to hate. There can be a gazillion of links in the blogroll but only a few of them are really read. That’s why some bloggers separate the favorites and the rest for the sake of technorati. Just like any bloggers, I have criterias of the blogs I read too.

First, it’s in the language I can understand. I only speak Filipino — Tagalog specifically — and of course, english. How can I understand french, chinese, aramaic or latin blogs? I have not studied them. I’m too lazy to use an online translator just to decipher the erroneous grammar of those things. If penguins can blog I will be able to read and translate them.

The post captures my interest. Blogs that contain sex, humor, violence, creativity and… sex captures my attention. Not all blogs are interesting, some are boring. Creative narration and vocabulary astounds me. I can’t stand some blogs that has dull, cold and monotonous way of telling of stories. I am not willing to sacrifice my eyesight for boring emo blogs. I might end up killing myself too.

I can’t read “black” blogs. Not black/goth in content or written by blacks. They are the blogs that has black background with white or any lighter text. I’m viewing through PC so after reading “black” blogs then suddenly shift to white areas, Eureka! The Big Bang is not a theory anymore. Fortunately, there’s RSS to aid my eyes.

It is relatable. I’m in my 20’s. I have flashy hair in my armpits. My pubic hair is denser than the rainforest in South America. One of my wisdom tooth is impacted. Does it mean I don’t read blogs younger than my age? Of course I do. I’m not old anyway. C’mon! I’m just in my 20’s. As long as the blog is mature, creative and I can also share my past experiences, I will read them and comment if needed. I’m interested if it has sex in it, but I can’t to relate to it. I lack the experience.

Clean layout. I like blogs with simple and clean layout. I don’t like layouts with fancy or emo images with a sparkling background. In blogs, the content is the most important part of it. The layout must direct the eyes to the content, not to drive it away. A distracting layout is worthy for shitty pointless blogs.

The blogs that I like are sensible, some are mediocre, but all are good reads. Though, there are still weblogs whose only focus is to increase their page rank, links and technorati ratings. Newbies are still posting unwanted spam comments, or flooding the tagboard asking for a link exchange. I understand them anyway, they are just new in the blogosphere. We are all assholes in the beginning anyway… or is it just me?



  1. We all have our tastes when it comes to blogs. And most of the time, the one we love becomes our standard for the others. I don’t know. It becomes that way with me.

    And yeah, layout’s one thing. Whatever they say about ‘don’t care much about layout, it’s the content’, not readily reliable. For one, when you’ve just opened the website, the layout would be the first thing that would capture your attention. If it’s a mess, I’m sure as hell I’m gonna leave.

  2. akala ko mabait si agent gray, puro sex din pala nasa isip.

    i have the same criteria. the only difference is, you’re old i’m not.

  3. Yna,
    Yes, and that’s why blog layout should be neatly done.

    Mabait pa ako compared to others na sangkaterba ang kahalayan.

  4. the pubic hair statement was uncalled for.. but i laughed. i also hate the technorati thinggy (i used to create links like its charity). And how about blogs that have auto play background music.. i dont like those.

  5. Wah. Parang blog ko lang. Black layout with white text. Haay. Haha.

  6. a clean layout is a must for me. and i’m only faithful to a few blogs in my links basically because of the layout. it takes too much time to load a very ornate blog, with matching autoplay music (quoting paolo mendoza), and that’s awful.

    the way i see it, sex is a very popular topic in blogs. i wonder why.

  7. Hmmm. Let me ask you Agent Grey, then… Is my blog OK? Haha.

  8. Errr…so if everyone that blogs contains sex, sex and more sex. I think you’ll going to have all your day just reading them haha!

  9. Dan Hellbound,
    You’re blog is not OK… It’s great! it’s just the background… My eyes are bleeding afterwards. If you’ll make it in tones of grey, it will be more readable. It depends on you anyway, I can read it through RSS.

    Oh yeah, blogs with bg music… especially those midi music, it can rip my ear in to million pieces.

    Yeah, sex is really popular in blogs. But none of them help me get devirginized though.

    Ain’t that cool?

  10. My poor BLACK blog! I better change mine soon! We have the same preference with blogs. Believe me, if I knew how to manipulate my HTML, it wouldn’t look as shitty as it is now!

    Once again, I apologize for my shitty blog. Haha!

  11. Jigs,
    Hey I’m not saying your blog is shitty… it’s just black. In fact, there are blogs that have great content in black bg. I like the contents of your blog. Just this, try reading your post then suddenly shift into a white website, you’ll get what I mean.

  12. I agree on all your points.. Though I don’t really mind the layouts, as long as I can read the text. Mas importante ang content para sa akin.

    And sudden link-exs annoy me. Especially when they don’t really return to read my posts.

  13. Content definitely counts a lot and SEX definitely sells

    Anyway, besides the background music, i don’t like sites which uses those alternative images as mouse arrow pointers and those with falling hearts or snowflakes in the background! hehehe! too cheesy!

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