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Do you believe in fate?

For some reasons, I do. No one have chosen their names, or perhaps have liked the erratic spelling of names they’ve got in their birth certificates. Neither do I, I never have the chance to name myself. If I was already speaking the moment I came out of my mom’s vagina, I would have squealed the name I wanted. I would have named myself Magnanimous Ahkbal or William Spencer, but I did not. All I did was cry out loud and squeak… And yes, I was a pig when I came into this tormented twisted world.

I am always dwelling with my fate. If only I can be like Hiro Nakamura and bend the space-time continuum maybe then I can alter my destiny. A nudge with the threads of fate can make a big change in this world; in my world. A simple move of rock in the past may make a mountain now, or a pat on the back of Kuya Germs can make him a president of our country. Perhaps, an inch of height to Mahal can make her the sexiest most sought after girl in town… maybe not. I’m still vying for Tita Swarding to get that spot.

What would I be if my parents didn’t have sex 9 months before I was born? If there’s a reincarnation I maybe a cockroach now, but at least I can survive if there will be nuclear war ahead… I just hope I won’t be squashed before doomsday. I maybe also the son of Bill Gates now, and I may have murdered him just to acquire the billions of profit he has. My genetics may have been better and may surpass the good-looks of Brad Pitt so that Angelina Jolie will be sleeping with me… with Jennifer Aniston too.

I maybe a doctor or still a medical student of UP residing in my uncle’s condominium in Fairview. Girlfriends maybe leaving my premises gratified after a night of pillow fight—naked. And for crying out loud, I may not be a virgin now!

But then, they are just what if situations. I am already happy donning a handsome face. If my fate is entirely different from this, then there’s a big probability that I maybe a horny cockroach now. Then, no surgery can make me a human, except from the powers of the blue fairy or a kiss from Scarlett Johansson.



  1. so what you’re trying to say is that everyone is destined to be the way they are. If so then, time would’ve happened over and over in several dimensions so that to try and alter it wouldn’t make any difference.. that Hiro Nakamura’s power is impotent and his cause is worthless. But all that will change only if Scarlett Johansson kisses you?

    where is that bitch..

    i’m weird like this.

  2. Hmmmm…Bill Gates, and all that money…

    huh? what? Oh sorry,I was day dreaming.

    I think we are living the right life. it may not be perfect or the most desirable life, but if you look at it in the perspective of Mathematics, just imagine the probability of you being born, if one factor was at the most slightly altered, you won’t be here right now.

    P.S. Thanks to Paolo’s comment, I just lost a few more brain cells… Thanks Paolo.

    P.P.S. Thanks for the visit! I’ll link you up!

  3. i am more inclined to believe in destiny and karma than fate. destiny in the sense that, if you are destined to be the simian creature you are now, then so be it. maybe you’re just paying the karma bill in your past life.

    and we can’t blame the fact that we were born handsome and cute. we are just paying the karma bill for it. haha.

  4. Paolo,
    Scarlett’s kiss is really world-changing.

    But still, who wouldn’t want to be as rich as Bill Gates?

    Bearing this handsome face is really that sinful.

  5. I too, believe in fate. As much as I don’t want to, it always overcomes.

    And..messing with fate will never end up good. It will come back and hit you back up in the ass, hard. So I’m thankful I’m not Hiro.

  6. Juice,
    We can also be destined to defy fate… that’s fate too. Ang labo.

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