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Globelines Broadband is already pissing me off. I am in no position to argue with their useless call center representative because I am just an ordinary narcissistic good-looking employee in this company. There is no week that we are not whining about their unstable and intermittent connection. And it’s also annoying whenever we are asking for an onsite visit they will always say:

“Please wait for 24 hours for our technicians for an onsite visit…”

[or something like that]

Yes, it will take 24 hours for the technicians to check their cabinet and look into our connection. It can be tolerable if this is a residential broadband, but it isn’t, this is a business establishment. A hindrance in internet connection is already a fatal caliburn piercing and slowly killing any media-based company.

Technicians visit us weekly now. They are constantly replacing our DSL modem and assume that it was the cause of our lame connection. Pity modem, but at least they replaced it with a better one, a wireless DSL modem. These technicians also admit that the modem is not causing any of those troubles. It is their fucking company that is still promoting their crappy broadband knowing that their systems can’t handle the increasing amount of broadband thirsty consumers.

We are already tired of that horrendous ritual—of pressing too much numbers and repeating of our names, company and location— just to reach a customer service representative. Our calls can do nothing unless they will do something to upgrade their system. Damn, I can strangle their President and CEO to death if this thingamajig continues.

Now do you see the effects of a shitty connection? It turns a good-natured earthling into a rampaging sexy oozing bull. I am not even the one paying the bill for this internet connection. What more can I do if I am paying for a worthless broadband? I can hostage a bus full of preschoolers, terrorize a planet with gigantic robots or threaten the world with my magic dick wand.

Bah! I’m just whining because I can’t post my blogs properly.



  1. You could wish you could strangle them for all you want. You could wish. *sigh*

    Anyway, as I’ve said, Globe’s okay with me. I can tolerate it..this time. Though, of course, there are times that I also wish I could strangle them whenever something’s not up and running in my browser.

    Maybe they’d improve it if reports keep on piling up. MAYBE and IF.

  2. You’re whining? How come I read ‘sexy’ at least twice in this post? Haha! Baka naman you’re just horny! LOL

  3. Yna,
    No they won’t, unless they are in big trouble.

    Uy isa lang yang word na sexy! Masyado ka ng horny at dumodoble na paningin mo.

  4. maybe i can pass off the broadband thingy, but i just have to do some mutilation in call centers. like i said, it’s like Waiting for Godot to the extreme level.

  5. It seems like Globelines is having trouble just like Smart Bro. Haha!

    Thankg goodnass our connection isn’t globe or smart. I have little complaints with our connection. I just wish it would be faster even if it is already fast. hehe!

  6. Nothing beats a bitchy customer. After all, he is always right. Cliche, but oh-so-fucking-true. I say carry on! You go, you! LOL.

    Anyhoo, thanks for blog crashing. Come back anytime. Kbai.

  7. Hey thats Internet Connection in the Philippines. That’s old news…lemme think lets fly to Japan! I heard they have the greatest Internet Connection evah!

    I think that came from Yuga’s Blog….

    Anyway Good Luck on that!

  8. Mike,
    Not just mutilation… annihilation.

    Well, there’s actually Superfast Internet now.

    A bitchy customer equates a dumb customer service representative.

    If it will be here now, only big companies or the people in the higher society will be able to apply for that. And I guess, I am one of those. LOL.

  9. Globelines is fine for me… i can go for months without having problems even if i leave my internet on downloading 24/7… sometimes there are problems and it takes days to fix pero ok naman… i mean it happens like once in 3-5 months… based on what ive read here, i seem to be lucky na. before nga, umabot ng 4800+kbps sa speedtest ang line ko then sa downloaing, it was mga 450+KB/s… i was so happy… i thought maybe it was accidentaly made 512KB/s instead of 512kbps… this lasted for a week and i was so happy… i kept bragging about my connection and kept on taking screenshots when the speeds reach 500+KB/s… but now bumalik na to 50-80KB/s… oh well… thats what im paying for…

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