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After the boozefest aftermaths, the following day was a lackluster. Just like any Sundays, I hate it. The clock ticked slowly and the damn television showcased dumb celebrities singing and dancing to the same song over and over again. I didn’t cling on to my PC yesterday because I would be hanging out again with the computer 8 hours during the weekdays.

I was already turning emo yesterday and I nearly slashed my wrist with a papercut from the catalog of gadgets I was reading. Fate didn’t allow me to die bleeding with a papercut. My head was hazed by the day’s boredom so my eyes were shut and I was brain dead for an hour. After a few days in my dream and an hour of hibernating that late afternoon, I woke up but not yet back in my game.

It was already 7pm when friends invited me to go out and watch a movie in the not-so-rare Glorietta 4 cinemas. I was not eager to watch Fantastic Four but because I seldom go out with my childhood friends, I gave in to peer pressure. 8:30pm when we arrived at the cinema lobby of Glorietta 4. Geesh! Tickets in G4 were all ranging from 150 to 170 pesos for that movie. It was not fantastic at all, just like what I and other critics thought. It was mediocre and I should have watched it in a pirated DVD. Oh well, I wasted 150 pesos for that movie, 100 pesos for the BK Fish Sandwich Meal and 90 pesos for our taxi ride going home.

We had a small chit-chat just outside our homes. We had talks about the mysteries, constructions and how the Malayan company bought and partnered with so many schools in Manila. We also discussed the mysteries behind the tunnels of Colegio de San Juan de Letran and all over the Intramuros. We just concluded that Yamashita treasure was hidden beneath the pitch black tunnels. I have my flashlight, shovel and my picture of Maria Ozawa ready for my treasure hunting.

The kids has already gone to their schools and dorms, now I can have my peace here at the office and focus with my work. Alas! My YM has gone silent after a few months of late night conferences and shallow chatting. I will be missing those times and those kids. To those college freshmeats, I just hope he will not impregnate his prospect now he is independent and boarding in his new home, the other one whom I wish she’ll find her best catch in her new school. As for the others in college, their life will go on. He will be writing more sexually motivated posts, he will be continuously molested by horny fags, and she will be unveiling more of her mysteries.

And as for me, I’ll be slumping my ass in this office chair while going emo doing some serious work.



  1. Hmmm. Yeah. I’ll also miss the late night conversations with my fellow online pals like you, even though I don’t share a lot on the conference a lot. Haha.

  2. Hayaan mo, bubulabugin kita sa office niyo every once in a while. 😛

  3. Dan Hellbound,
    Bawi ka sa sembreak 😉

    Ako na lang mambubulabog sa iyo, lalo tulog ka kapag araw!

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