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Weekend’s not amazing for me. It’s quite dull and stagnant amidst the cold weather because of continuous rainshowers. I’ve rendered my entire lazy life at home and a couple of trips wandering around our neighborhood. I just love slacking half-naked under the cold weather while hugging my pillows and hiding below the blankets. How I wish my pillow is a woman.


I woke up Sunday morning doing my ritual before I totally got off my bed, camwhoring with my cellphone. When all of a sudden, the camera’s display had gone blurry then turned to different shades of blue then red then to all sorts of hues. My cellphone’s camera was afflicted with a cataract. It’s the only damage it received but all else are still functioning; I can still watch porn clips on my phone. No more camwhoring with my cellphone for the moment, but I still have our digital camera. I bought this phone less than a year ago and because I just bought it only from a booth it doesn’t have a warranty.

Now I’m thinking if I will have my phone fixed or replaced. I don’t have any idea of other cheap stylish phone that can replace my beloved Motorola SLVR L7. There’s this certain Nokia phone which I love besides the fact that it’s brand is the least that I like. It’s Nokia 6233, it boasts a 2 megapixel camera, stereo speakers, 3G capability—which I doubt I will enjoy because of high rate from Globe, expandable microSD memory up to 2 gigabytes, and a cheap price for only 7,500 pesos in ebay Philippines. So it will range on that price in booths too. It’s that cheap but its style is not.

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I brought my dog to the veterinarian that afternoon of the same day I discovered my phone was damaged. Olympus, our minpin, received his annual anti-rabies vaccine. It was funny because he was trembling so hard while we were in the pedicab. The nervous dog shook even harder while he was on the table where he would be shot by that anti-rabies syringe. It would still take two weeks for the vaccine to take total effect. After two weeks, I will be sure he’ll be safe from my rabies if ever I decide to bite him.


What do Shari, Doc Tess and my officemate had in common? Except that they came from Venus, they experienced the same problem with their electric posts/cables. My officemate and Shari witnessed their electric cables burning while Doc Tess got infuriated seeing the MERALCO post fell in front of their gate. All of them had power interruptions and encountered lousy service from MERALCO. Curse MERALCO for imposing high generation charge and for becoming capitalists!


Before I went to sleep last night and while I was drinking a glass of skimmed milk, I saw a dead rat lying on the kitchen floor. The poor rodent was not squashed but he lied on the floor with feet wide open. Before throwing him to the trash can, I wanted to ask the rat.

“How did you just die?”

I would freak out if he answered my question. A rat talking… and a dead one?! Scary!


The weekend was not that exciting but calming and sweet like the cold rain. Who cares anyway if I can’t shot myself naked with my phone, protect our dog from my rabies and I want to converse with a dead mouse? At least I had my face and body scrubbed with a steel wool last night.



  1. “When all of a sudden, the camera’s display had gone blurry then turned to different shades of blue then red then to all sorts of hues…”

    — That happened to my old Motorola ROKR too. What I did then was to turn the phone on and off several times. Usually it reverts to normal. Or make a master reset. But then eventually, you’ll get tired of having to do those. So, just sell it while you still can have someone buy it! Hehe. 🙂

    I like the 6233 features too. But right now, I’m thinking of buying a 6300.

  2. Doc Tess,
    Thanks but it didn’t work. Goodness, I badly need a new phone! Alms, anyone?

  3. I don’t care much about phones too now. As long as I can call and text, that’s good enough for me. I own a simple Motorola V3 =) It’s been with me for more than a year and I still love it. That Nokia phone is pretty affordable huh? Go get it!

    I like your mini pinscher’s name!! Olympus. Hahaha yum.

    Someone’s gloating about their weekend. Ahh, the rain makes it so.

  4. Juice,
    Our pets are named after brandnames of gadgets. Originally, Olympus’s name was Samsung, then he got sick, after that we changed it to Olympus.

  5. Last week, I awoke to the sound of a 3-inch ceramic dog telling me, “Wake up. The Cowboy needs milk.” I don’t know what that means, but I think I need a vacation.

    The phone… looks sweet. The stuff that happened to Shari and Doc Tess… yikes, scary.

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