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The start of this week has been bloody hectic. I’ve been working on multiple projects simultaneously. And I’m still lucky to survive after working on projects dealing with neurological diseases—and I’m still not done with it. With all the pending revisions and other queued workloads, I’ll be having symptoms of schizophrenia like Vaslav Nijinsky and John Nash—the mathematician played by Russel Crowe in The Beautiful Mind.

I could feel my brain bleeding from exerting too much effort on these projects. One project after another, I think I’m gonna die. Okay, that’s soo Mariel Rodriguez. Please gimme a break or else I’ll break into a dance number and gyrate on top of my desk. You can guess I’m a bit stressed working on numerous job orders with only a little time for a me moment. I’m lucky to steal a few moments this time to write here in my journal.

Unlike few months before, I had a lot of me time. I could watch Heroes in my work PC without hassles, blog anytime or surf pornsites the web until all the sites in the world are visited. Well, that’s before the revamp of leadership in the office. It’s actually a good thing that we are working on something now, right? I never thought it’s this exhausting. Being exhausted is good, it means we are earning. And it’s the challenge, right? It’s a challenge to tear my brain into pieces and to grow another pair of arms.

After all the “challenges” at work, there’s more at home. My beloved PC is meeting Joe Black. I don’t care if Brad Pitt is Joe Black, I don’t want my home PC to die on me. I think my PC is experiencing a hard disk failure because it can’t play video files and my iTunes won’t load. It reboots often. Geesh! Now I can’t watch porn Heroes in my PC and play my 3 gigs of music. All my PC can do is word processing and internet. Such a bore!

First, my phone acquired cataract and now my PC is facing extinction. My dearly ancient PC wants me to keep her in a museum—or an archaeological site, but I don’t have other PC to replace her. I need a new job!

Are there any vacancy for a male stripper?



  1. Maraming kailangan na bouncer nung concert ni Beyonce, but I think it’s over. [Di pa sure eh no, lol]

    Anyway. It’s good for you that you’re at least given a lot of workload for this week. HAHAHA. Lol. I mean, you oftentimes brag, or rather complain about your verrry light workload.

    Ayan tuloy. :p

  2. You’ve been drenched to too much workload? Wait for your salary and buy yourself a new HD. You know, living your life without pr0n is just…. bawrrrring.

    Live the Life the Neil way. Lolzies :p ~

  3. Kevin,
    I should think what I ask for.

    Live the Neil way? Di bale na lang, pero pwede rin kung lagi ba akong mananalo ng 100K!

  4. Breathe… stress will shorten your life. 🙂

    I think that’s why I quit the 9 – 5 corporate rat job about 2 years ago and decided to work on my own, on my own hours… conditions, etc. Best decision I made at the time.

    I might go back to the 9 – 5 office job, but right now… I like doing what I do… I can wake up when I want.

  5. No vacancy for male stripper! Bawal ka dun! LOL!
    Be a full time pro-blogger na lang! go!

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