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Agent Grey is a 20 year old something graphic designer in a design studio in Makati. He discovered blogging through Friendster but after a few realizations and find friendster blogs are not just crappy and shitty but also totally ugly.

He is not a secret agent working for the British government nor he is licensed to kill. He is neither an agent for an insurance company nor a direct seller. Moreover, he is not the Marvel Girl created by Stan Lee who joined the forces of X-Men, because the author here is definitely a guy. He just choose the name Agent Grey because it closely rhymes to his real name, his name in the offline world.

I am the man behind the blog which is unbelievably not like this. Yes, I am him, but this blog is different from his, or at least like that. Some already know who I am, and I don’t keep it a secret anyway. Just a few research from the google or my search bar, and you’ll find out who or what I am talking about.

I blog not just because I need an outlet. I blog because I love to. And anyway, I’m not a blogger, I’m a writer.



  1. wow! ^_^

    ur great!

    hehe… im a writter and a blogger too ^_^

    i wanna transfer my friendster blogs here, yah! friendster blogs are crappy! hehe so i wanna put my blogs here nstead!

    i hope that , I am wecome here hehe

  2. Ace,
    Of course your welcome, just let me know if you already made your WordPress account, Ok?

  3. Agent Grey = Alan Ray?

  4. Hey Jhed, me thinks your spelling’s wrong. Poooor spelling skills huh? Lol.

  5. Jhed,
    Close, but not yet

    Just one letter though, but still wrong.

  6. I know who you are. I will come and hunt you down.

  7. Juice,
    Yikes!!! You can rape me just don’t kill me okay?

  8. It’s Alan Rey, Jheddy. and he blogs at another site too, I guess?
    Nagdududa na talaga ako.

  9. i just got it right! :p
    When you told me you own a blog which is very different from the identity where we’ve known you, with no doubts, i know you are milkplanner.

  10. Arnel,
    Oh my, spoilers!

    I still think we are two different people. LOL.

  11. If i had the cash for the web space, i’d write untill all of my existing cells rotted to the very substance of who i am.

  12. I know what you did last blog event…LOLOLOL! Nah!

  13. LA,
    I was not there at the last blog event! LOL.

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