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What a nice day to wake up today after a 7-hour slumber and almost running late for work. I still managed to eat breakfast and hanged out around the living room few minutes after 8AM knowing my work would start at 8:30AM. I hadn’t taken a bath yet so guess what time I got out of our turf? 9AM!

Thursday morning started with an itchy throat. The itching of my throat feels like the sign of my evolution. I don’t know what powers I possess, but I feel like I can cough out fireballs any minute from now. Phlegm glands may have interfered with my DNA and later on I will transform into a giant green phlegm monster. That ain’t cool. I don’t want to turn into a giant fire-coughing green phlegm monster. I don’t think Sylar will also want to steal those powers from me. Besides, I’m already happy becoming a green-minded monster.

While I was having a taste of my phlegm in the jeep this morning, a curly-haired girl sat beside me. All else were normal as the ride rolled smoothly along the highway. The streets were busy, smokes were flying everywhere and commuters were in a hurry because they were running late for their work—just like me. My eyes were strolling everywhere until they fell behind the black shirt of the curly girl beside me. I was curious with print of the t-shirt because it closely resembled the logo of the 19th Phil. Ad Congress. Then, I saw something weird from her curly still wet hair. I thought it was a a golden brown hairpin, but when my eyes zoomed in it was… it was… it was a COCKROACH!

I was dumbfounded with what I saw, I didn’t know if I would shout in awe or I would just slam that pesky crawler on her back with my palm. I couldn’t do that of course, that arthropod could be her pet or a reincarnation of her beloved. I also had the gut-feeling that she could be a witch. If I crushed her reincarnated husband, she could stare devilishly at me, her hair would gush up into the air and then engulf her in green flames without burning her. That looks like Michelle Pfeiffer as Lamia in her fury in Stardust.

So I didn’t bother her and the cockroach, my powers were not yet blooming that’s why I couldn’t battle with her. Now, I’ll study my “gift” and try to suppress it, I don’t want the man in the horn-rimmed glasses and the Haitian to catch me.


Damn this cough, it sounds like a gunfire. But damn, my hoarse voice is sexy.



  1. You could have told her, you know? 😛

    But I really wonder what that cockroach is doing in her hair. It somehow made me think she’s not very sanitized.

    And oh, hope you’d get rid of that cough. 😉

  2. if it makes you feel better I once put a cockroach in my mouth

  3. I accidentally step on a cockroach without any slipper, imagine the cockroach gut on my bare foot o_O

  4. Yna,
    I never thought of that. LOL.

    You kissed a cockroach? Have it turned into a beautiful lady after kissing it?

    That would have felt great. 😉

  5. L.A,

    You got MAYO on your feet. Brown Mayonnaise.

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