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Woah! That’s a long title. It’s a quick summary of how my weekend went. So how was my weekend again?


Friday. Nothing special was happening at the first half of the day, but by afternoon, everything changed when the Glorietta 2 bombing news spread quickly over the internet. I was actually busy working over a jam-packed workload which all were due on Monday. I managed to multitask while reading news from twitter and newsfeeds. Until later that afternoon, there was something more explosive than the alleged terrorist attack in Makati.

I was going to the men’s washroom of our office’s building. I saw a lady washing her hands in the men’s CR. Of course, I was flabbergasted. I was still hesitating to go inside the washroom because she was still there. I couldn’t control My bladder was about to explode so I entered the restroom immediately while she was about to go out. I saw her face puzzled while I was heading to the cubicle. She got out and checked the beheaded symbol of a male restroom. Her expression? Priceless!


Saturday. I went to work that afternoon to finish studies needed by Monday. It was recorded as overtime and I was obliged to work on them. I thought I would finish them early but they were all done by 7:30PM. I wanted to go out early from the office because I was planning to buy a gift for a baptismal ceremony the following day. I never did that a day ahead because of the Glorietta 2 bombing and almost all the baby stores were located near the ground zero. I decided to go to MoA instead to find the gift there. I was still held back at the office because my boss talked to me and reminded me of my task the following week. Geesh! There were 5 queued projects waiting for me this week. Got out of the office around 8:00PM.

I arrived hungry at SM Mall of Asia by 8:30PM. I stopped over French Baker to have a Fettuccine carbonara for dinner. It was soulfully rewarding and I loved my meal. After eating, I got out of the resto to look for a baby store. The mall was so huge and it was hard to find one. I only had a few minutes left to look for it but my lazy ass came through. I remembered the Toblerone National Thank You Day was held at the same mall. Off I went to the exact venue of the event. At first I saw only a few prominent bloggers there, until an hour later, Jeff and Benj arrived. I greeted them and they told me they were at the other concert—Studio 23 Bay Break—which they mistaken as the one sponsored by Toblerone. It was just held across the street but the crowd there was scary according to both Benj and Jeff. As if bloodshed could spill any minute if only those bulgy bouncers didn’t get the audiences’ belts or any possible fatal weapons at the entrance.

I was just actually waiting for The Dawn to play on stage. Since they were the last to perform, I had to listen from several music artists first. Hale did play at the concert. Like what others say about Hale, I also proved that the band was not really a good performer live. Beforehand, I didn’t like them anyway. I don’t hate them because I still hum some of their songs. Songs were ok but not good enough, close to failure but not totally. Only one thing was true, girls were going wild over them especially at the vocalist. I plugged my earphones instead and listened to Paramore’s Pressure and Misery Business which were just right for my mood that particular day. There was too much pressure at work and listening to Hale live was miserable. Am I getting mean?


Sunday. I woke up early 7:30AM because me and my mom would be going to Biñan to attend a baptismal ceremony by 10AM. As I assumed, arriving at the scene at the said time would just mean hearing the lecturer’s run-through of the ceremony. Nothing extraordinary there, except me becoming a handsome Ninong (godfather). We got home early that afternoon and I managed to get a powernap before heading to the gym that night.


Yes I was busy with my weekend and I would be busy the following week too. I would still try to write here in my journal during my free hours or whenever time would allow me. If someone will be looking for me, my only answer is: I M BC.



  1. Kamusta naman ang babae sa CR? x_X
    Wait at the Toblerone National TY Day is like pure concert? No free chocolates?

  2. LA,
    There was a Toblerone shower but only a few were thrown/poured. There were more confetti than the chocolates.

  3. well, life catches up on all of us..

  4. I actually got the Glorietta bombing news from you 😛

    HAHAHAHA LOLZ on the CR woman. Bahahahaha.

  5. HAHA! I’ve actually done the same thing…you know, enter the men’s restroom. Bakit, si LA din naman ha! Nung birthday nina Joe at Irvin, sabay kami nagwiwi. LOL!

    You’re not getting mean. Listening to Hale is really makes someone who knows good music miserable. Honestly, how can people listen to their crap?! If they think the vox looks cute, look na lang sila! Jeezuz!

    Hey, thought you’re gonna make libre to us the kids because we’re on sembreak and are broke and all?

  6. Paolo,
    And it definitely caught me.

    Hmm… me thinks shifting to broadcasting now.

    I don’t remember saying that!? LOL. Pray for my family to win the lottery this week and I bet I will give you guys a treat.

  7. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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