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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Maybe you’ll wonder why I wrote two blogs in a day, well because this is somehow an emergency.

In fifteen days, the company I am in will be closing down. Though it’s not bankrupt, my boss decided to close it because there were less account coming in. I was actually expecting this and all prepared for this but it’s really sad especially if you will be in that situation already. I will admit that I made previous rants against my company, which should be the reason why I must be celebrating. But it was totally different. I already love my job and company but not the system per se. I loved the people and the things that I do. It just saddened me because I will be almost a year there and now, I’ll be leaving the company I almost loved. I loved the company before I began there, the moment of applying and interviews. This event saddens but at the same time I can be happy for it, because there will be more opportunities out there waiting for me. I am now optimistic to land to a better job after this. A job that can be my career and will give me a brighter future.

A parable

I can relate this experience from the saying that: When one door closes another door will be opened by God for you. But let’s take this to another view, in my own parable. Here goes the story:

A man is living in box-type house with only one door  and windows that only a cat could fit in. Meaning, no man can fit through those windows. This man lived in the house by himself because he didn’t want anybody to disturb what he does and he didn’t want his door open. Often, this man would complain of his small house. He would condemn this house. Then one day, he woke up seeing his door open, so he closed it again. The next day, the same event happened, so he closed the door once again. Until the next following days, the same situation occurred regularly, and he did the same thing regularly. Until one day, this guy was pissed-off by this habitual event, so he locked the door, making himself locked inside his own house. So the next day, he would only hear the door jamming instead of seeing it opened. A few days later, he was awakened by a large noise, he saw his locked door broken. Then a man, picked him up and dragged him outside of his house. He just closed his eyes out of fear. Then, when he felt that he was not dragged anymore, he felt the floor smooth and cold, it was marble. When he opened his eyes, he saw himself inside of a huge elegant mansion. He saw the man who dragged him looking at him. Then the man said "isn’t this the house you are looking for? I heard you complaining of your small home. I was always opening your door to invite you to your new home but you always close it. And when you decided to lock it, I broke in and dragged you here."

God works in marvelous ways. If there are no other doors in our house, He would break in just to give us what we need.


Damn these few weeks. I have less projects coming, good, but also bad, coz I’ve been doing jobs not really for my description. And I am totally bored now, I didn’t expect any gimmicks these past few weeks because I am entertained by my PC and the book that I bought, The Count of Monte Cristo, that is. Now I have finished it, and got bored with the PC game I’m playing (GTA: Vice City), I’m looking for more socialization again. I missed watching Rockestra at Folk Arts Theater last August 19, coz I wasn’t expecting if somebody will accompany or interested coming with me to watch it, or in other words, a date or a companion. Then now, I’m back again, but there’s no good movie to watch this days, nothing of a big deal, there are nice movies but not a big shot like LOTR or Harry Potter. The last one I watched was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

What am I looking for? A gimmick or a hangout. A gimmick that can be a big blast and unforgettable. A concert or something like that will do. I’m not a big fan of barhopping of Friday Nights coz it’s too tiring for me especially if the place will be at Makati or Manila, I’m dead stressed at that moment due to transportation. I work in Alabang and gimmicks in Makati is already stressful even if our aim is too relax and unwind. Though, I am open to nightlife. How I wish that I am working in Makati now so that nightlife will be easy for me.

Another thing, I still don’t have a girl to date with or a special someone that can give me inspiration. Hey, it’s too hard for our profession to work without an inspiration or someone that can motivate us. Wala ba kayong maibubugaw dyan sa akin? (Do you have someone to recommend to me?). I am already experiencing those lonely nights, a call from a loved one will satisfy me during those nights.

For now, work and career will satisfy my boredom. Shopping will also do, but that’s expensive for my current situation.

I have not written any blogs these days. Maybe there were less events or fun things occured happened. I have a lot of thoughts, but these thoughts are not exciting enough to be expressed here in my blog. I have thoughts about politics, but then I don’t want to express it here for almost were negatives. I always wanted to put up a positive blog, though nonsense, it can create smiles from the people reading it. No exciting thoughts now, just plain writing of words put up all together. I emptied my brain, and lot of thoughts are coming this time again, I wanted to write them all, but they are too many to be expressed in a concise blog.

The only good news I got here is that, I already found the house music I’m looking for, after hearing that song from my boss last February. I found it last week through DWRT 95.5. Alas, I found the title after all these months! The song was "Ever After" by Bonnie Bailey, so I immediately downloaded it at home.

Then… Nothing again.

Since the dawn of electronic communication, everything moves fast. I guess I was a victim of this uprising technology. I was a victim of computer games, cellphones, internet, and e-mail. I think I have become an e-mail addict. Not because I usually send e-mails to my friends, but having too many e-mail accounts. I have 16 e-mail accounts. Here is the list and why I made them: my 7 years old e-mail account. Made on the third year of Highschool. This wasn’t my first one, because the first e-mail account I made from Yahoo, I forgot its password. This has been the oldest so far and my official personal e-mail account. my second best e-mail account. This was the second e-mail account made out for nothing. But useful, because I can use all the .Net services and MSN Messenger. the first , somehow useless account I made. Made during my college years, during the vacant hours and when I started to become a Net surfer.
I made for an organization I met in a chat TV. Later on, after the members had disbanded, I used this for subscriptions in adult/porn groups in Yahoo. But I also unsubscribed from those groups as time passed. Naughty account, hehehe.
made for SPAMS or subscriptions from the internet like E! Online. an e-mail account I currently use here in the office the e-mail address I currently use for friends network sites, like here in friendster, myspace, et. al. It has nice features like 250 MB storage and POP3 access. at first really useless, but now used for Ragnarok , Cokemusic, and other online games
my pop3 mail, an easy access for outlook. If other pop3 mails doesn’t work, I use this. large storage e-mail, used to 1001 MB, now 2 GB. Access for POP3 mail for work. I was attracted to the 2 GB storage, and still expanding storage so I asked a friend to invite me for me to make this account.

<myrealname> I invited myself through for this account will aim for professional use. an e-mail address with an attitude, just look at my domain name, ain’t that cute? customizable domain name, but I really don’t use it. Checked the site a while ago, but it seems not to appear anymore. customizable domain name of mail2world, customizable looks and feel, and 250 MB mail storage, I use for my Neopet account. Other than that, completely useless account. I downloaded Netscape browser, so I made an account, though not necessary. AOL’s e-mail service, huge 2gb mail storage. My newest, I’m still planning what this can be used for. Account can also be used for AOL Instant Messaging service. For now, useless.

If you’ll notice my usernames they are mostly crost. The name originated from the movie “The Last Don”, the lead character’s name was crost, and I found it cool for codenames.

So if you are planning to e-mail me, feel free to send me to any address I stated above. Just don’t send any useless forwarded or chain letters, I terribly hate it, and don’t really read them. Unless it sounds useful and informative.


Whaw!!! A week has passed without writing a blog. (Sigh) Nothing to write really. But I have a very weird dream last night, it was all about shitting and toilet bowl. This is how it goes:

I was in a school and I was looking for a CR. Then, there I went to the CR and gone directly to a cubicle. The weird thing was, there were two toilet bowls in that cubicle. A smaller to a regular one furnished in white coat, and a somehow bigger bowl with a marble coating or finishing. I sat down the bigger one and move my excesses away. Then of course I have to flush the toilet bowl. As the water is growling down the bowl. The school went shaking and water from the bowl was overflowing, realizing that the bowl was broken. As the water flowed down the floor, i found myself at the campus grounds, everyone was panicking because the toilet water was flooding the school. Then, there the story goes, I woke up after that (of course).

I had also this dream a long time ago. There was a farm (or somehow like it) with all those horse sh*ts were around. Everytime I step one of them, water squirted out of the ends of those sh*ts. They squirted like water from garden sprinklers.

I know that my dreams were so weird and somehow disgusting. Whatever those dreams or those sh*ts mean, I don’t know. I guess it’s time for me to get a boost shot of reality.