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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Many weeks have passed since I last posted my blog here. I actually don’t know what should I write again. There’s nothing new, except to the fact that I am able to drink liquors again, after a month of aggravating period of celibacy with alcohol. That’s not bad after all, it was just, I’ve passed two birthday parties without drinking. There’s nothing new with going around malls walking and shopping alone, or watching Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift alone. I am used to it, though it’s quite boring without anyone to talk with after watching it. I’m used of being alone, but that doesn’t mean I want and can live alone, I don’t want to be… If no one wanted to join, I can manage myself… it’s just sad. Eversince, I am longing for companionship, whether of a friend or a loved one. I never had a brother nor a sister, that’s why I treat all of my cousins and friends as my siblings. I’m very lucky to have them, but of course, like any other else, they have their own lives to manage, so am I. I can stand alone in this world, I’m glad about it, but I’ll be happier if they are with me… or I’m with them.