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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Yesterday. Saturday, September 23, 2006. Afternoon. As I was going my way home, I rode a jeep from MoA going to our home. There was this guy who sitted right beside me, when two other passengers came, he didn’t move the other way though there was still a lot of space there. So he just stick beside me. While the jeep was moving someone halted the jeep near Blue Wave, and the passengers went down and the guy sitting beside me. When the jeep went moving again, I checked my pocket and my wallet was gone. I realized then, that the guy beside me was a pickpocket. It was just moments right after the jeep moved, so I look at the pickpocket as he strolled down the streets of Diosdado Macapagal Highway. I didn’t reacted in the jeep and maintained my posture, thinking ‘it was just money’.

Money was just lost and not my life has been threatened. I felt angry and frustrated that moment. I wanted to obliterate and destroy all the masses and the criminals. If I could just erase them in the world’s history, I’d be glad to do those things. But then, crime won’t be erased, it’s there. I realized, money can be replaced and life is just one. So I don’t go desperate with what happened. As they say, "Shit happens" and it’s true. I didn’t lost my posture, but I do hope that the pickpocket will die and may his family and descendants suffer the consequences he made.


Oh my! It’s so hot these days. I wonder what happened to our weather today. It’s so scorching hot. We usually have lots of rains during the months of September, but now, it’s like summer today. I can’t bear the heat here. Especially now, that we have just transferred to another office. Our airconditioning is still down, so we have to appreciate the coolness brought by these two electric fans we currently have. We can’t work well in these conditions. The sun is too bright and none of the clouds are blocking it’s light. Darnit!

My thinktank has been working overnight again. I didn’t catch my sleep last night. A lot of visuals are roaming inside my grey matter. Words were written on my brain walls and they were spoken aloud. Thousand of images I see everytime I close my eyes. I’m telling myself to stop and go to sleep, but I really couldn’t. So I rose and got to the living room to relax, yet nothing happened. Maybe it was the Iced White Choco Mocha I drank last night from Seattle’s Best. I’ve stopped drinking coffee and any caffeinated drinks for a long time now. I’m not even drinking colas because I’m starting to become conscious about my health. Fortunately, I rose this morning with a good mood. I usually have mood swings when I don’t have a good night rest. Well, that’s all for now. I maybe sleeping earlier tonight this time because I am feeling dizzy now. I hope the day will turn out great!

Ok, my addiction for multiple accounts has been transferred to blogs. I have previously posted in my blogs here that I have 15 email accounts, but actually now, I think it has decreased because some of the providers are bugged down. But then, I’m not interested in making more accounts, it’s typically senseless and I should have thought of that earlier. Anyway I have 3 existing blogs now. One here in Friendster, this one, and two more in Blogspot/Blogger. Here are their purpose:

In the Brink of the Mental Warzone this one, I’ll use this as my formal personal blogs. I will post here all what’s going on in me, the one known by most of my friends. Mostly english to hone my skills in writing in the said language.

Wanthought! The blog with my daily updates of my thoughts, plans and ideas. The statements are in the native tongue and made of concise sentences, mostly phrases that resembles all the thoughts inside me. Boggled? Just read it.

Billycoy’s Blasted Brain Blogs These are the frantic ideas roaming in my grey matter. Wonder who Billycoy is? Then read this blog to find out.

Thank you my dear friends for taking time reading my senseless blogs. I do hope you read those blogs and you may leave your comments there.

Oh my! I was so aroused with what I tasted this afternoon. I had never tasted something like that before. I can’t help it, I need to have it. It’s only now. I won’t let this moment be taken away from me. This occur seldom, it’s an opportunity to grab. I’m so excited to have it. This is my first. I’m getting wild over it. I am so fulfilled and gratified knowing the taste it gave me. I cant explain the ecstasy I’m feeling. The climax of all the sensations is within it. My goodness! I really can’t help it, I need to finish this… this Blueberry Cheesecake from Red Ribbon. I’ve never tasted any cheesecakes in my life, it was only now, my first. Pity me for experiencing such a wonderful thing just now. At least now I know and I will have it again the next time.

Now, what do you think of it?