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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Another weekend has ended, yet my mind is still on blank. I wantto do something but I don’t know what it is. I don’t want to sleep, I rarely have those afternoon siestas. Maybe better, I’ll just hangout in the internet. But geesh! The internet here at home is too slow. I’m just using this dial-up connection, so I can’t expect something faster than this.

What to do this day? I don’t know. Maybe I should enjoy my stay here at home and watch the clock pass by the long hours. I’m totally bored here, but it’s better than working. This is a rest day and I must taste the comfort of the soft furnitures at home. I must dwell and embrace all the pillows. Let those beds eat me with their cuddly softness. Oh this is home! This is refreshing!


I turned off the TV last night and lay my head down the sofa. I always do that to recall all what happened during the day so I will not be thinking of it when in bed. I have thoughts strolling across my brain. Thoughts of wisdom I that I don’t know where it came from.

The thinktank kept on working.

Every -ty’s, -ness’s, and -ism’s we know are just a state of mind. Virginity is a state of mind, it is not really necessary for a relationship or to declare one as pure. Purity is a state of mind, no one is impure just because he have sinned. Beauty is a state of mind, it’s personality that matters most. Holiness is a state of mind, no one can declare that this person is unholy just because he doesn’t do the works of God. Normality is a state of mind, no one is abnormal if he acts differently from others because everyone should be doing that, and that’s normal. Righteousness is a state of mind, we are right in our very own terms.

Have we just created those words to judge other people. Thoughts just to become judgmental and to jump into conclusions. Do those words existed to accuse one from the other? That is totally nuts!

I don’t really understand what I’m thinking while I’m lying down the sofa. It’s confusing. It’s tormenting. It’s worth thinking.

My finances are running low now. I haven’t got my salary since last Friday. Oh it’s because of that darn Milenyo who raged his mighty winds all over the metro. We haven’t got it yet because of several bad chances that occured. It was nobody’s fault, it’s just bad chances. At least I still have enough money here to buy me lunch and snacks for a couple more days.

I do hope we’ll have the chance to receive our salary this afternoon and all else will be well.