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My Text Link Ads check has not been en cashed yet, because there is no way I can convert it to cash. I need at least 200 dollars worth of dollar savings account to deposit it in a local bank. Where in the world can I get that amount? I can’t take it to any money changers that crowd Malate because I have my name in that check. This is a sign of Armageddon.

How can I dominate humanity if I lack 25 dollars in hand? I should have signed up for PayPal earlier. Now what will I do with this check? 1. I can use this to wipe off the fecal matter surrounding my butthole. 2. It is useful to scrape off body fluids after jerking. 3. Doodle Giselle Bundchen on it. 4. It can be an assassin’s fatal weapon; killing with papercut. 5. Write the word “I’m Horny” and stick it on an dumb guy’s back.

So my check is totally useless now? I guess it is. All I can do is stare at it all day and whine because I can’t replace it with a living cash. Maybe, I should store it in an air tight frame and display it in our living room. Nah! A ziplock will do. Staring at it will do no good at all, I might project a laser beam from my eyes and burn the useless check. Nobody wants to burn a city just because of a check—except for a megalomaniac devil who plans to terrorize the planet… that can also be me.

Perhaps, I can go to an evil witch and turn my dollar check into a breathing peso bill. No, I think I mustn’t, the evil witch can transform me into a frog and runaway with my check. I can consult someone possessed by a child statue who swallowed an electronic voice modulator that turned her voice into a chipmunk. It’s not good either, they may assume the check’s watermark is a work of miracle. Will Joe D’Mango solve my dilemma and aid me to conquer the world?

This lead me to a drastic solution. I must fly to the US and have it en cashed.

And all that just for a 25-dollar check.



  1. That’s too bad. Maybe you could endorse it to me instead. Hehe.

  2. aw. that sucks.

  3. oooh, that’s bad. but maybe you’re destined to have more than 25 bucks. why don’t you try asking banks about it?

  4. I’d go with that assassin idea. Hehe!

    My Mom has a dollar account…I don’t know why I just said that. Anyway, good luck with that check!

  5. Misterhubs,
    Sorry, no can do.

    I did. The teller just told me that I need a dollar savings account to deposit it. Darn it!

    Yeah, what with your mom’s dollar account anyway? Are you planning to give me also a dollar check?

  6. Nyahahaha! *evil laughs* That’s too bad!
    Give me the TLA cheque give it to me baby! LOL!

  7. LA,
    Even if I will give it to you, you won’t be able to use it… I have my name in it.

  8. Just send it to me via mail, then I will cash it here and send you the money through paypal or any other ways LESS fees, dahil mahirap ang sumagot ng mga FEES. madami akong pinapasusong mga anak.

    Let me know. Ok?

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