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The sky divided the light and darkness as the sun settled down the brown sea of Manila Bay. My feet strode the bridge overlooking EDSA as I saw the separation of day and night. No, it was just a hazy illusion caused by pollution. The jeep awaited me to ride it, it was already full so I declined its tempting offer. I chose the following jeepney and quickly jumped in the front seat. A quickie… way home.

I consider it lucky whenever I place my butt in the front seat of the jeep. I don’t know why, maybe because I can check if zits are popping out of my epidermis or see how my face get oily throughout the ride. The polluted air slapped me as the jeep rolled its wheels. We halted in front of the church, a middle-aged man wearing sando, sporting a thick mustache and a poisonous foul odor headed towards the jeep and sat beside me. He was the driver’s colleague, he gave him a free 7-peso ride and started babbling with him.

Nag-iinuman na sila dun.” the smelly comrade said.

Tinatawag na nga nila ako. Kain lang muna ako.

I didn’t give a damn with what they are talking about. They were not inviting me anyway. I should have plugged the earphones of my cellphone and jammed with N’Sync Typecast and Daft Punk. I was not able to do that because it was already late afternoon and our town was infamous with petty crimes and numerous sari-sari stores. Narcissism saved me by staring myself too much on the overhead mirror and made me pretend I was not eavesdropping on those drivers. I was not a gossipmonger anyway, I was just squeezed in the middle of the driver and the obnoxious comrade. Then, there was this approaching jeep on the other lane. He was a few meters from us, the two old guys talked again.

Ayan na si Mang Toto, kasama niya pa kaya yung babae niya?” the driver asked with a devious smile.

I rolled my eyes. Basta driver, sweet lover. I wish I can drive. Damn! I can’t even ride a bike.

Ay wala na.

The two jeeps aligned at the opposing sides of the road. They both stopped the moment the drivers crossed their eyes and created a minor traffic in the small street.

Nasaan na ang babae mo?” our driver and my stinky seatmate giggled. I think Mang Toto answered with a grin.

I wanted to laugh.

I had a quick glimpse over Mang Toto. The womanizer was not what anyone would think of. Mang Toto is every girls’ nightmare! And I’m just talking about his horrible physical attributes.



  1. .”..a middle-aged man wearing sando, sporting a thick mustache and a poisonous foul odor headed towards the jeep and sat beside me.”

    – I can feel your horror there. I also had an experience like that in a jeepney. Thirty minutes of torture. How I wished I’ve taken the cab. 😦

  2. Like you i also prefer to sit at the front seat. In fact i don’t ride a jeepney if those are already taken – because i’m the one who’s supposed to be there, haha.

    i have lots to share about passengers with foul rank odors. they’re all disgusting. that’s why i resort to taking cabs instead.

  3. Prudence,
    Yes, I was really horrified!!! I couldn’t take the cab either, that ride was not far from home. It’s just 5 mins away.

    It’s traumatic!!!

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