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News are getting redundant. Both major networks are flashing the same news over and over again. International news channels are the same too, all are just terrible news. When will we get a dose of good news today?

Politics will never end in our government. Endless debates, bickering and investigations never stop in the congress, senate and the palace. We Filipinos are getting used to it, we are getting immune to it. Argument is the blood and soul of the worthless officials in the government that can last for so many years that will not even make through until their terms end. How lucky for us countrymen that will perish first before our politicians can make any laws! I’ll stop talking about politics because it’s the least of my favorite topics. I can curse all those congressmen, senators and the president to hell!

Next to crimes, a lot of accidents happen daily. These accidents have one thing in common, all are in Pasig. It’s weird, but true. Everytime I hang in front of the television and tune in to news, there are always reports of car crashes, fire incidents and frantic brain explosions on major highways, yummy! So if you want to be alive and live longer, stay away from Pasig.

What irks me badly are the news of celebrities ‘going sexy’. The media is going frenzy over young—or aged—stars that will bare some skin. For some, they can be regarded really as sexy because they are wearing barely without clothes. There are others or a lot that really can’t be considered truly sexy. Just this one time, the news was saying this certain young star would be going sexy in a movie. Then when the news came, they flashed a scene from the movie and this girl was wearing a two-piece bathing suit. Yes a bikini, but not daring and sexually arousing. The panties were almost like shorts, is that a sexy outfit? Here’s another one, this young actor was said to be ‘going sexy’ but he was actually not. He would just be displaying his paper thin body for an underwear brand. Geesh! Showing nipples are now considered ‘sexy’.

Have a dose with this TV ad first.

Though underwear models are really sexy, but they don’t aim to induce sexual desires. Male underwear models seducing guys? Disgusting! They should lengthen their vocabulary with the word sexy first. Modeling for an underwear and posing almost naked for a glossy magazine are two different things. That’s why I fear showing my pictures here. If I put an image here of my face they may find it seductive. If my full body, that can be scandalous. Naked? Don’t ask, it can be horrifying!

As much as possible, I stay away from the local news. The good news will always be about a needy person returning a stupendous amount of money to its rightful owner. I’m tired of hearing the same news from the same broadcaster over and over again. It will just drive me insane if I will ingest all of them. Let’s just watch Spongebob shall we?

Good news is not a news at all.



  1. Yeah. Look at the amount of Lindsay Lohan’s 4985704875th DUI arrest news surfacing the internet right now.

    Like they say, bad publicity is good publicity. How ironic.

    I’d rather watch Discovery Travel & Living.

  2. i agree with that “sexy” thing.. that’s how “stereotypic” our society can be.

    hey, you seem[ed].. pissed..
    hehe chill down. 😛

  3. Juice,
    I loved Lindsay before when she still has meat, now she’s thin, I don’t like her. But bulalo is still yummy.

    I never thought I can project negative vibes with my writings. COOL!

  4. been here from karlo…

    ayus nung header, ah! ganda rin ng writings. nice blog, over all!

    you are highly opinionated and that’s good…I used to be a campus jounalist and I used to analyze current issues for my articles. Now that I’m already working, the same issues remain…

    tv news today is merely business.

  5. i agree with ayel. it’s just business..

  6. Ayel,
    Thank you. And I agree with you too, TV News is entirely business. Talking about business sucks bigtime!

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