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Boss summoned me to work yesterday in the office. I was not doing anything at home so I was eager to work even if it was a Sunday. On the first place, I didn’t want to stay at home because humidity was killing me which I hoped that would be lessened by the office’s aircon. Off I went to the office traveling the road burnt by the brilliant sun that sizzling afternoon. I could have kissed our office’s wall that saved me from the heat outside.

Work was done quickly and it was just 5 o’clock in the afternoon. I chose to chill and to step my foot once again in the mall closest to my heart; Glorietta. I traveled to Glorietta 4 first and looked if there was something interesting. No luck, all there were trash. My tummy was crying out for hunger that made me go straight to Burger King. If only that chocolate sundae was not included in that Whopper Jr. value meal I could have eaten the original size Whopper, darn it!

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I went circles all over the mall until my foot settled in the store of Motorola at The Digital Exchange. There I found my next dream phone, Motorola ROKR E6. I never thought I would crave for another fantastic phone. Since I bought my current phone, I had lost my lust with new mobile units. Now I found a new prospect, my mouth started drooling again. My fantasies were still on the sinful iPhone but for now, I would die for the ROKR E6 first. ROKR E6 is a cool phone, iPhone is lustful.

The next stop was Tower Records. I wore those worn out headset, blast the volume and jammed with the playlist. I played BRMC (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) first. It was great. As the name of the band suggested, it was better heard on the road while riding those Harley’s. I just hoped bikers/riders here in the country would be playing this in their overdecorated Yamaha and Honda Wave bikes instead of hiphop or remixed RnB’s from Ne-Yo, Akon, Gloc9 and Salbakutah.

Then, I went to the next row of CD’s. The player had Orange and Lemons first in the playlist. I lost interest with this band when they joined the bandwagon and sang “Pinoy Ako”. I was disappointed with that move. They may notched their popularity but it just lead them to artistic downfall. I was curious with their current album so I listened to their tracks. And HOLY CRAP! I was ecstatic, they were really back on track. This is the first time I really wanted to drop on the store’s floor and burst into tears of joy. I was so happy and having goosebumps while I listened to each track. Meteor Moonlane Garden rocks!

Before I went home, I came across SM department store. I canvassed the store for leather shoes. I would not buy yet or the next few days, I was just eager to look for a good pair of leather shoes to scrutinize. I touched and checked every important details of what a good shoe must have. It was too late for me to realize that checking for shoes could leave a nasty remark on my hands. My hands stank like a rubber sole. I couldn’t help imagining how many people tried those shoes with their sweaty feet.

I came home when the moon reigned the skies because I thought it would not be hot as hell during daylight. I was all wrong, the air was still humid the entire night. Could somebody fly me to Antarctica?


I am currently infuriated by my cold, again. I am sneezing my brains out.

Who wants some snot?



  1. I’ll pass on the snot, thank you.

    I’m using a Motorola right now but my Moto preference of choice is currently RazrMaxx. Although, this one you just blogged about is pretty spiffy as well. I lost interest on Orange & Lemons too once they sang Pinoy Ako. I was ready to be one of their avid fans when I saw them live and they performed so great. Maybe this will give me another outlook?

  2. Not your techie boy here. Though I have an IPod Nano and a laptop, but that’s that. I mean, if not for the PBA 2007 last March – my cellphone would still be my all-time fave 3310! Seriously!

    😀 What the heck’s a snot, anyway?

  3. i’m really not into Motorola. my uncle offered me a Motorola E680, and even though i love the tech specs, i declined because 1) it’s not for free but i can have it half the price, and 2) i’ve had bad experiences with Moto’s battery and charging process. that’s why i’m still stuck with my 3-year old Communicator.

    ha, my colds’ gone. it’s your turn now. haha.

  4. what the hell happened to my comment? i screwed up with the codes.. hihi, sorry.

  5. that’s a Motorola E680. damn the codes.

  6. i’m laughing so hard right now, i’m not even gonna tell you why? :p

  7. Juice,
    Yeah, try them again, you’ll be fascinated with their latest album.

    Snot?! It’s the green gooey thing in your nostrils.

    So far, I’m happy with my current Motorola, but I still want the ROKR E6.

    Oh no! Don’t tell us, you already have an iPhone by now? Or you’re in Antarctica? Which one?

  8. You have a cold in this unbelievably humid weather? That’s a weird feeling isn’t it…

    I’m getting a motorola soon, a different one from yours, Moto Z8, its really cool too.

  9. Jigs,
    Oh you’ll be having the MotoRIZR, nice! Lucky for you. I’m still fond of candybar phones than those fliptops and slides.

  10. this one’s really nice and has a classy look.. it’s just that it’s claiming to have EDGE but it’s not really EDGE-ready (it’s supported but you still have to enable it).

    how about the Nokia 7500 Prism for a dream phone? i loove it’s unique design plus it’s got 16M colors TFT screen.. i wanna see how crisp and clear the pictures are. ^_^

  11. i frequent glorye too, bakit di kita nakikita doon?

    i have contacts with the penguins, would you like me to request tickets for you?

  12. Keep the snot please. lol

    I wanted to see what ROKR E6 is like in real life. Maybe I’d buy one to replace my XDA Atom, I’m getting sick of it. lol Why did you exactly like it? Is it small? Does it look good? haha sorry for the bunch of questions!

    I agree with you with Orange and Lemons. I used to like them, but Pinoy Ako really turned me off, and since then, I haven’t really listened to any OPM bands. The only one I really liked was Urbandub lol. I have yet to listen to Orange and Lemon’s latest album, maybe I should head on over to Tower Records! Haha

  13. Lalon,
    I’m not into Nokia, and I find the Nokia 7500 Prism not that ergonomic.

    Maybe one day we’ll meet there.

    ROKR E6 is more of a music phone than of a smart phone, I guess that’s why they still put it in the ROKR category. It doesn’t support 3G or Wifi, stick to your O2 XDA Atom if you’re after a smartphone or better yet, just wait for iPhone’s release in Asia.

    You should try listening to OnL again, they are back with style.

  14. yeah actually my friends are criticizing me for liking it, they say its design is horrendous and is not user-friendly.. i say it just lived up to it’s name “prism”.

    i’m not into nokia as well but i’m just curious with that pioneering 16M colors and i seriously love the design hehe, i still love SE though.

    btw, i find it funny that you responded to billycoy’s.. hehe for some reasons. 😛

  15. MOONLANE GARDENS is just love. Grabe. I feel like I’m in a trance every time I play that album. IMO, it was way better than their sophomore album and it is at par with their first.

    They are definitely back to their roots.

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