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Dad bought me a boxer short last Friday. I was hesitant to wear it because I never did wear a boxer shorts in my entire life. Curiosity bloomed as I stared the patterned boxer short deciding if I would wear it. I found my legs gently sliding through the holes of the short until the garter reached my waistline. I jumped out of the room, faced the large mirror and criticized how I looked like in the shorts. I looked like my dad in it or was it because it didn’t sport a youthful design. Boxer shorts are not sexy at all.

Whities were my undies during my young days. I was always in undies and I couldn’t remember I walked out of the bathroom or my room roaming naked around the house or playing with my friends. Whities supported my juvenile balls and I did care less with the brand. All I knew that my whities were only replaced when they reached their maturity; when the garters were already as crisp as bacon and turned yellow with age.

Then came the bikini briefs when I stepped into the troublesome and discovery period; adolescence. It was far more comfortable than the whities. I found them sexy to wear because they sit lower or a few inches below the navel and flatters the body of its wearer—which I didn’t have back then. I was conscious wearing them because my bush was growing beyond where it should be. Born hairy, you could imagine how dense it is down there—or just don’t think of it. Since bikini briefs had higher bikini line, my pubes were already dominating that line. Though I was not a pornstar a sexy model posing in gay mags wearing undies or nothing, the feeling of peeping pubes were just annoying.

Now fast forward to my twenties, I researched Askmen to find out what would be the best underwear. I found my answer, it was boxer brief. The online magazine said that it has the protection of the whities with the comfort of boxer shorts. Yes they were absolutely right. I bought one and tried it. I loved wearing it. It was comfortable to wear without the hassles of dangling schlong and balls. It even flattered my ‘muscular’ thighs. It was only that, they were more pricey than the regular whites, bikini briefs and boxer shorts.

Wearing boxer shorts was not bad at all. I wanted to sleep wearing only that shorts but I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of wearing just my underwear. I never slept with just my undies, I always had a short on top of it. The boxers were cool and refreshing to wear. I could even hear my wang and balls singing merrily as they swing freely in those loose boxers. I was quite irritated feeling my eggs kissing my legs.

My best choice of undies will still be the boxer briefs but I am still adventurous enough to try other types. I am still curious to wear a g-string that will boast my butt or a neon green leathery bikini brief so that I can be seen in the dark. And yes I remember, I want to wear that elephant brief with a trunk where I can put my little agent there. I just hope I have a special someone to judge when I’m trying those unconventional undies. Will somebody volunteer?

I never realized that underwears are bloggable too.



  1. Mental Image, disturbing, weird and just torture. Hahaha!

    I also think boxer briefs has the “best of both worlds” factor in it. I like it best.

  2. haha.. i so don’t wanna read between the lines and didn’t let my imagination play through.. 😛

    well i find boxer shorts cute.. i remember i gave someone a pack of those as a gift.. of course, i love wearin’ them with undies still in it.. i find it sensual and it compliments my shape.

    boxer briefs are okay too.. but i like the less provocative.

  3. thisis the second time i came to a blog with an undies post. anwways, i find boxers shorts or briefs very comfortable. pero i still wear the classic briefs minsan coz my members misses them. hehe.

  4. Jigs,
    I’m sadistic by nature. LOL.

    C’mon, that’s the thrill here, using imagination.

    Do your members miss those briefs that get stuck in between your butt cheeks too?

  5. boxer brief da best!

  6. I’ve been in boxers since high school. After school, I just take off my pants and viola, pambahay shorts! hehe

  7. i started wearing boxers in high school and i kind of felt a little annoyed because my balls kept on swinging. nonetheless, i still wear them. my friends say that if you wear boxers, you still have to wear briefs. i say they’re redundant.

    i am the greatest fan of bikini briefs. i am also born uber hairy, but the hell i care with my pubes waving hello to the universe. i am after the comfort they give me. i also have a tanga. and a mesh haha. just for the heck of it.

  8. Benj,
    That’s one good thing with boxer shorts. You can just drop those pants without minding the bulge.

    Damn, I never thought you’re a thrill-seeker with undies! LOL.

  9. ha, looks deceive. i’m the very definition of it.

    and oh, by the way, i also have a thong. wahahaha. i don’t get to use it quite often because it gets stuck along my butt part.

  10. i don’t think i’d ever wear a thong. ‘love boxer briefs and boxers, not!

    rather sleep naked but then again, i got a roomie.

  11. Mike,
    I think that wearing a thong has the same feeling with wornout briefs getting stuck between the butt cheeks.

    I tried sleeping naked too when my bro—cousin and roomie too—was away, but I found myself jerking instead of having z’s. Hmm, I can blog about that too! LOL.

  12. Boxers are better than whities. Pero I wear whities. Haha! Boxer briefs are the best though. 🙂

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