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Tag Archives: rant

I should be going back to blogging seriously. I mean, blogging regularly and not just updating twice or thrice a month. I don’t know if: I’m getting frustrated because I think no one is reading my blog anymore, I’m always tired from work, I’m lacking new experiences or I am just too lazy to write again. Blame my brain cells for always being pre-occupied with a lot of things. Ideas are overflowing but my fingers don’t allow me to write. There are just those moments when all you want to do in front of the computer is to play facebook games, watch movies or wait for twitter/plurk updates from your friends and avoid stuff that resembles work or something that make your head function. Yeah, yeah, lazy times I know.

By the way, I’ve lost another five pounds since our transfer to the suburban land of Laguna. There goes my another year of workout down the toilet bowl and from sleeping late—10:00pm is bedtime and 10:01pm is already late night for me. I do hope those 5 pounds contains fat and not the little muscles I’ve worked on for the past 4 (?) years. I also need to step up my workout routine again. If only I can do at least twice a week workout again. Geez!