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Guess who’s back. I’ve decided to return here after a very short stint with my other account. Indeed, there’s no place like home. And I’m writing this while on my only boxer shorts feeling my balls on my hips.

When was the last time I posted in this account. Marimar was the fad then. Now, it’s Dyesebel. I don’t give a damn with those uberpredictable telenovelas, I care about Marian Rivera when she’s wearing her Dyesebel costume with her obvious wig covering her… chest.

Workload is still heavy at the office and blogging is the least of my priorities there. I have to plurk work, right? Of course, I have to show off my expertise and exercise professionalism to offset all my tardiness.

Now, I have the opportunity to write my journals here at home. I said before that my PC at home got busted, so how the hell in the world I got that chance? I haven’t fixed my old PC. I just had a rare chance of buying a laptop. No, I didn’t rob a bank. My dad’s company offered a promo salary loan. It’s somehow like a partnership deal from BDO and Neo. So now we have this Neo élan, which is to be paid for two years. For those who know that I’m a Mac fanatic, I know you’ll ask “Why not get a Mac?” It’s a promo deal, and we have not received the loan as cash. We had it as the actual product, okay? If we had it as cash or if I had a credit card, I certainly would get a MacBook. Enough said.

What I’m lacking now at home is an internet connection. I already applied for PLDT MyDSL, but apparently, our area was yet to be verified. It is mind-boggling since there are already internet café within our street which says they are powered with PLDT MyDSL. Fortunately, there’s a neighbor who seems to be a net savvy and owns a WiFi router… which doesn’t have a password yet. Yes, I’m stealing an internet from him, though the signal strength is so poor and my connection is intermittent. Now, methinks of hunting him and befriend him.

Plurking and blogging is now accessible at home. Will I signup as Agent Grey on plurk? I don’t think so. Just had enough handling too many accounts so I’ll let my other account do the plurking.

So there, now off to porn… no, maybe later. I’m wearing a boxer short remember?



  1. you should get a credit card.

  2. Paolo,
    Credit Card is teh evill!!!

  3. hay nako paolo,, ur ryt,, they should get a credit card,, haha ,, naman kc,, da one returns is no oder dan…. douglas mcarthur,, jaja

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