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Wow! Two posts in a week? That’s new.

Oh well, I guess everybody have read my twitter. I even asked most of the people in my messenger’s list this hypothetical question:

If I have 40,000 pesos by now, which should I buy? A Mac Mini or a PC laptop?

Tough choices, right? Yes it is. If you are always reading my posts here—if there really is—you may have known that I currently don’t have a PC at home. Well, it’s because it’s already ancient and those type of PC’s are really facing extinction. That’s why it is mandatory for me to get a new computer, and I’m aiming for a better one. Which is, of course, the latest laptops which uses dual-core or core duo processors. Though, I don’t have enough greens to buy yet, but I’m already planning.

Until one day, today, I found out that Mac Mini’s price is also comparable to competitively priced laptops. And as everyone know, I’m a big fan of Macs though I (will) use them only at work. If ever I’ll have my hands on that Mac Mini, I can achieve multiple orgasms. Now, I’m anxious though I don’t have enough budget yet to buy one.

If I will choose Mac Mini, I will still be able to use my former PC’s leftovers for this like the display, mouse, keyboards and speakers for this. Though it’s compact, I can’t use it where there are no available display, keyboard and mouse like coffee shops or wherever I want to go. I can do that with a PC laptop, well, but with that, it will still be prone to viruses. And with laptops, I can still install my favorite PC games. But Mac Mini is far more efficient than a Windows enabled laptop, right?

You may ask, why do I limit myself to a budget of 40K if I can think of something higher than that and opt for a Macbook instead? Well, I only like to make things complicated and miserable. If it’s only easy for me to have 80,000 pesos of course I’ll get that Macbook. I dunno with me why I’m anxious of thinking of that. Maybe I should forget it for now and think it over when that opportunity arrives. 40 or 80 thousand pesos?! Who knows? Be optimistic.

So if you have 40,000 pesos and you needed a computer immediately, which will you buy? A Mac Mini or a PC laptop?



  1. Mac Mini, definitely. But if I had 40k, I’d wait until it grows to about 80K then that’s when I’d get the MacBook, so that you get the best of both worlds, a Mac and a PC. Although I doubt you’ll put Windows into your MacBook once you’ve gotten your hands on Leopard 😉

    Just saying hihi

  2. just as i thought… a perverted post again… wahehehhehe… peace!

  3. hayoko mangialam pero kung ako din lng mgbblog, kahit laptop lang tas mgppp at opp para kumita.
    siguro naman pg kinarir mo pgpost sigurado bago matapos ung taon bawi mo na ung pinambili mo.

    sinabi nga kasi hayoko mangialam eh.

  4. i think would like MacBook . Its operating system is far easier to use than PC’s Vista without all the annoying allow/disallow security pop ups.

  5. I love people saying get a macbook, there double the price of a mac mini, yes double. Yet they only have tiny screens. Not really a viable option. Imac would be better, but its double the price. It might take someone two years to save, so what do you do without a pc for two years or even a year? Its nonsense saying get something that costs double!

  6. Depende sa things you want to do on your computer. Tsaka kung saan ka mas efficient. There are similar programs or substitutes for most programs. Like me, I typing this on a Mac, but I don’t use the Mac for everything. I use Linux for programming and Windows for NBA Live 08. Hehehe. 🙂

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