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Who would have thought that I’ve been working here in this office for more than two years. Yeah, two years. It’s the longest I’ve been in a company. I started working by age 21, and I’m just 24—soon 25—so you can’t expect me to be working more than 3 or 5 years. I’M STILL YOUNG. Mentally and physically.

It has been a long two years here. I’ve been doing this and that, but sadly I have to grow. Not just by penis size—which I don’t need—but as a professional. Life is too short and so is my budget. That’s why last Friday I’ve already submitted my resignation letter. It was my first time to give that letter.

It was my first time to resign from a job. Indeed I was devirginated… from resigning and not from sex, in which no one else believes. Resigning from my current job made me anxious. I didn’t quit my first job, which was in Alabang, that closed for financial reasons. Though I could have been absorbed by their sister company, I declined and decided to move to a greener pasture and closer to home, in Makati.

I was very lucky to land here in my current office. 15 minutes away from home and cheaper fare rate, ain’t that comfortable? Compared working in Alabang, where I would have to wake up earlier and would take me an hour to get there. I’ve stayed here for two years accompanying the office through its ups and down. During its downtimes, there I found the bright world of online journals. That’s how I became an active blogger.

In the new job I’m transferring, I will be busier. Maybe I’m busy now, but I’ll be busier than this. Like overtime for a week and less chatting in YM or surfing the net. It’s ok, we have to earn it. Being on top needs a lot of work!

Why transfer to a new job if I’m currently comfortable and laidback in this office? I can’t stay like that forever, can I? I’m not yet that filthy rich and it’s the right time to notch my career. So is my salary. I have needs and it can’t be achieved just by sitting my ass. I’m up for the challenge and that will satisfy my masochistic tendencies. [edit] By the way, I’m still 15 minutes away from home and it’s still around the area, now talk about convenience. Yet, I have to put myself into professional mode when I start there, which means waking up early and avoiding tardiness.

Wish me luck with my new job, and let’s hope that new job can make me buy a laptop or build me a condo. Also wish me that I won’t be forgetting how to use a PC because I’ll be handling Mac computers there. So my new motto will be “Mac Rules, PC sucks!”



  1. Good luck with this decision/choice. ^^,

  2. It is fine to give up a job that you believe is not really for you or is not just good enough for you. However, be careful with regrets – it kills. Anyway, enjoy with your new found life.

  3. yebba! good luck to your new work… and yeah… PC sucks! :))

  4. kaya ka pala hindi na madalas mag ym.. goodluck sa lahat.. 😀


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