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Have blogs lost their hype? I really don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. I have not been visiting blogs these days. Well, like I said before, I lack the opportunity to visit or post in regular basis now. What a darn luck!? As soon as I’ll have the chance to bloghop or post regularly, I’ll be active again. Which is, by the way, years away from now. Oh c’mon, gimme a bit of positivity. Okay… months away from now.

Seriously, I think, most of the bloggers I know now are also inactive or have changed their styles of writing. Some have gone from tagalog to english or from personal to commercial. Some have transferred from free servers to owning a domain. Some have gone further while some gone lazy and disappeared in a snap. Oh well, like the cliché “the only permanent thing in the world is change.”

I’m not against pay-per-post blogs, especially if we are not that filthy rich. WE NEED TO EARN. Students or workers who have the time in the world will find pay-per-post handy. They can earn, and at the same time, hone their writing skills. And that’s good, ain’t it? It’s a nice way to introduce one self to the professional world. Experiencing brain-drain and burnout just to come up with a content for a suggested product, it ain’t that easy I tell you. Squeezing brain juices just to get paid even without inspiration, it is hard. It’s like my job or any other profession in the world

The only disadvantage of pay-per-posts, they make blogs dull or lack the personality of the writer. It is a common knowledge in advertising that no one really likes seeing, reading or listening to advertisements. That’s why we artists, copywriters, creative directors and colleagues in advertising are here to make a product interesting; give it personality. Still, consumers and even us who have knowledge with the industry we are in, HATE advertisement.

Having a pay-per-post blog is not bad at all. They will be able to buy the gadgets they fancy most, pay their bills, maintain their domain, or who knows, buy themselves a customized Bentley, get a bespoke suit or be invited to walk on the red carpet of the Oscar’s. On the other hand, writers/bloggers have to sacrifice their identity for money. It’s like having a perfect abs without a belly button, a gigantic boobs without cleavage or sex without orgasm.

We don’t buy a book wherein there are more pages of ads than of the real content. We don’t watch in a theater because we wanted our movies to be interrupted by advertisements. We don’t watch our primetime telenovelas because of the heavy load of commercials, do we? To conclude this, I like to read blogs that are unique, creative and with personality.

That’s why I’m glad blogging in free servers. I don’t regret having a single post in a week or in a month.



  1. “The only disadvantage of pay-per-posts, they make blogs dull or lack the personality of the writer.”

    – its one thing why i don’t buy the idea of blog advertising, too. the blogger get more focussed to advertising and making up stories that don’t represent their real blog. unless, of course, if the blog was purposely made to advertise then it’s another story.

    and this, of course, is another consolation:

    “That’s why I’m glad blogging in free servers. I don’t regret having a single post in a week or in a month.”

    nice insight 🙂

  2. i will never engage myself to pay per post blogging… i find it a brain-draining activity… it eats up all my creative juices…

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