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Join me in my adventure a day inside our filthy bathroom. There you’ll hear the lion’s roar reverberate through the walls and ceiling of the tiled room. A thunderous noise that constantly shake the bathroom’s floor and a king growling with it’s mighty anger. A foul odor that will greet you as you enter the world. No, it’s not another kingdom found behind the bathroom’s door. It’s a reality. That’s my ass talking. That’s a day with my dysfunctional stomach.

I’ve drained all of my energy because of this darn diarrhea. I was a bit dehydrated as if all my anatomical juices was flushed with my feces. My ch’i is also drained and concentrated on one primary location, my damned anus! If you think my head is totally crazy, it’s actually crazier down there. It is acting wildly that I can already defecate all my organs with one push.

Since I was weak after defecating a lot and putting so much pressure with my butt, I skipped a day at work and a gym session. Darn! How can I focus with my work if my energy goes down the toilet bowl with my dung. And because of this darn diarrhea, I found a new friend.

“I am your brother, your best friend forever. Singing the song the music that you liiiike.” by Reynaldo Lapuz

My new best friend is our house’s toilet bowl and the office building’s cubicle. As I’ve said before, I don’t like defecating in public restroom, but I guess I’m swallowing my pride now. I just can’t leave my tummy growling or leave a brown spot on my undies—worse on my pants, do I? I now mastered how to use a public toilet, yay!

Still, I want to be well now. I want to eat the foods that I like without worrying how my butt will respond. It’s a real pain in the ass controlling it just to get to the washroom.

Jeepers, this post stinks!


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