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Your wish is my command.

I already said I’d seen The Secret, didn’t I? The self-help DVD tells that feeling good or staying optimistic is the secret of most successful people on Earth. Just tell the universe what one desires—whether for good or for bad—and it will happen. This is different from wishful thinking. It’s more like thinking like you already have it. That’s why one should be careful of concentrating on negative things or what he doesn’t what to happen, because it will. Have you noticed that phenomena?

Of course, we can’t be optimistic at all times. We are humans. We are vulnerable to emotions. If we can be like that, then it’s like orgasm every minute. It’s like G-spot on steroids with flashing bulbs around it telling the partner where it is. Though we can’t achieve positivity to its absoluteness, it feels good to be optimistic. Moreover, life is too short to be negative, so why be pessimistic? Life is all about having fun and feeling good anyway.

So what do I want in life that makes me feel good? Well, aside from getting devirginated of course—which is one of my long-term goals.

  1. I want to be rich. Who doesn’t anyway? Building empires, being a mogul, having a private jet and being listed in the Forbes magazine, who wouldn’t want that? Maybe not as big as those, like Donald Trump or Bill Gates, but I want to get rich now or maybe someday. I like to spend my riches as if it won’t deplete. I want to experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous and buying all those gadgets and stuffs I’ve always wanted guilt-free. This sound so materialistic, but that’s what I wanted and what makes me feel good, why bother?
  2. I want to become a boss. A business capitalist, druglord or an owner of a bagoong factory, it doesn’t matter—as long as I am the boss. Giving orders, summoning slaves and whipping stupid employees’ backs, I’ll be glad to do those things myself. Though I won’t be that harsh—maybe a little, it’s good to know that this time I am their leader and I have workers behind me.
  3. Tour the world. Whether it’ll be with the Eskimos of the north pole or the penguins of Antarctica, I’ll be happy to visit every interesting corners of the world… or universe. Residing to a foreign land is the least of my options, I still love my country amidst the corruption and political hullabaloos. Going to Giza, riding on lions in African safari or killing family rivals with the Mafias will suffice my tour.
  4. Be an actor. This has been my desire for so long. I was already aspiring for this since I was a conceived. Theater, TV or film, I want to be a part of it. Though, I don’t have enough guts to attend any audition or workshops. It can be because of my low self-esteem or too much procrastination. I dunno, but I really want to try acting. I can’t tell if I have the talent but trying is already enough. Maybe I need to have the guts first. Who knows? I can be your next biggest pornstar.

Those are the things I wanted in life. They are still a broad description and I’ll keep the specifics to myself. I don’t need to blurt out everything, do I?

Now, what do you want that will make you feel great?


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