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Darn. Having a URL filter in our office really sucks bigtime. My browsing prowess is really limited. I can’t post blogs immediately. Oh well, my timetable is stuffed with projects anyway. I barely have time to write in this journal.

I’m drying up my juices now. Not my brain juice, but my love juice. I’ve been extracting a lot of my love juice because I have been watching these DVD collection of erotic art films. A reliable friend lend me this DVD and it has been with me for a few weeks now. I think he handed it to me a week before the celebration of New Year. So I’ve been jerking a lot for a few weeks now.

Erotic films are far more appealing and arousing than porn flicks. It tingles the erogenous zones just by watching them. Unlike porn, it only shows sensual humping scenes, breast exposures and some frontal nudities without the macro or extreme close-up shots on the genitalias going up and down, in and out. I realized sometimes I really don’t like seeing the mussels in between the girls’ legs and be distracted by the ugly balls dangling all over the screen. I’m already happy with the idea of sex… almost. I want to be a part of it.

What’s more with these movies, they have stories to tell. Well in porn, they have stories too, but it doesn’t really matter. One of our hands are already pressing fast forward to the sex scenes while the other hand is under our pants doing its maneuver. Erotic art films deal with several topics like… sex. But really, there are more stories to tell in erotic art films other than sex.

The DVD I borrowed consists of… I think 16 films. Most of them are not in English. They can be in Finnish, French or Italian. So while my shaft starts to stiff, I still learn other languages. Educational, ain’t it?

So far, I’ve only seen a few of those 16 films. The first one I watched was Y Tu Mama Tambien, I guess everyone have heard or seen that. The next ones were Snack Bar Budapest where sluts displayed their hairy pussies while handling guns. Real guns, not the figurative one. Then Levottomat (Restless) 1 and 3, a finnish film that tackled about sex addiction. Jean Jacques-Annaud’s The Lover is a movie of a 15-year old girl who had an affair with a 32-year old chinese in Vietnam. There was also this movie which I forgot the title because I barely understand the plot of it. Ma Mare (My Mother) is about electra complex where the son has sexual desire for his mom. The latest I saw was Stealing Beauty which starred the ever-beautiful rockstar’s daughter, Liv Tyler and Rachel Weisz. I still have to see Antares, because the friend who lend me that DVD told me that’s it is close to porn. Now I’m curious.

Indeed, I am a neophyte of watching rated-R or rated-X movies. I only know popcorn and non-sense porn movies before. Now I’ve seen movies which have both sex and sensible contents in them. Therefore I conclude, not all films with sex are considered porn. A film without content is porn, therefore Anak ng Kumander is a porn.

I will not write a review about the films I saw, but I’ll give this post an X-rating.



  1. I thought Live Show was worth the critical acclaims. Geez, stupid Pinoy crisscrossing of character side stories.

  2. ayun naman, ang gawain mo hijo! papayat ka nga nyan… hahaha.. busy no? ganito lang yan.. PRESSURE == RESIGNATION.. laban?

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