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Today’s January 9, 2008. Almost all bloggers are attending the Trinoma Food Tour, except me. I’m not after to pig out anyway, since I’m starting to watch and maintain my weight. Do I sound bitter eh? Not really, what I’m after on the said event is to catch up with fellow blogger friends. I miss them so much. I like to hear some news from them. Oh well! Since I’m stuck here in the office, I’ll concentrate on my work and kill myself with envy.

Who could be more bored like me? The company has just stripped my rights from blogging. Aaargh! Me? Away from blogging? I am so dead. Especially now that our home PC is also down. Our office blocked several websites like blogger, wordpress, youtube, friendster and websites that have the word “blog” in it or its URL. I have no other place to do this. Rent? I can’t take the full pleasure of my browsing and writing prowess, nor I can’t surf pornsites. But I’m a clever guy, I will always find a way to post my journals. No one can stop me.

I guess the office has discovered that I’m spending more time blogging/bloghopping than working. Not totally, I make sure that all workload is finished before I move on to my personal pleasures. If the project needs a lot of concentration, I set aside those extra-curricular activities. Have they/you noticed my blogging frequency has lessened during the last quarter of the year? It simply means I am really busy. Sometimes I’m a bit distracted with blogs, well, that’s only when my workload is light or still manageable. Now I need a laptop… a Macbok perhaps!

I think this is a sign for something good. Yeah, I’ve seen “The Secret” few weeks ago that’s why I see those negative situation a sign for something better. Maybe, my home PC being down, office internet has restriction can mean that I’ll be having a laptop… or better. Not attending the food tour can also be a sign that I’ll be losing my love handles. Who knows what my fate is up to? I’m just optimistic about it. Being positive feels good… orgasmic.

Never include good luck in your plan.

That’s what I learned after playing Zuma in my cellphone. It has a point, right? I dunno why this game is putting up quotations after a game over. At least I learn a lesson after losing a game.

The year is just starting and there’s already a lot of challenges. I like challenges, I’m a masochist.

Spank me hard baby!


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  1. Yeah everyone’s definitely there. Twitter is so lonely right now haha.

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