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The Holiday season has officially ended. And so is 2007. My 2007 ended with a bang. Let me correct that. My 2007 ended with a booze. Well, I was not drunk at all, but with all those festivities I was detoxified. Detoxified?! Yes detoxified. I’d just cleansed my arteries with alcohol.

2007 was a very challenging year for me and for my family. Time has tested my patience and preserved my virginity. I had those interrupted sleep patterns and several situations messed up my cranium. If stress attacks like a bullet, I must’ve been dead by now. But as they say, what can’t kill you makes you hornier stronger… only injured.

I have not accomplished most of my goals last year, well, I’m not aiming to get those anyway by the end of 2007. How can I get a Ferrari in just a year eh? Neither have I got a girlfriend nor someone to devirginate me. It’s the least of my priorities anyway. I have to focus more on my career and money. I think I have wasted most of my salaries on junk foods and too much nightouts. Sometimes I need to receive a treat which I rarely get because they always think I have lots of money in my pocket.

So 2008 is here. What am I up to?

1. Get that goddamn phone. Since I’m anticipating a money from heaven going down to my footstep in a few days, I badly need to have that phone. I am bloody enthralled to get it and I think of it every hour, next to sex.

2. Have sex? Not really. Like I said earlier, relationships and getting laid are the least of my priorities. If it will come, then so be it. It isn’t fatal to be a virgin… or is it?!

3. Learn to drive. I was actually aiming to do this last year but I didn’t. I have to learn driving and master drifting skills. My dad is always saying to me “How can you drive a car if you can’t even ride a bike?” I’ll prove him wrong. I will drive a car! A car have four wheels so I don’t have to worry about balance.

4. Save save save. I always say this to myself but it’s a bit difficult. I love to spend my money up to the last drop. I don’t know where they are going and it’s not the bank I tell you. Geesh! I have to cut my expenses to half. Unless I’ll get a better high-paying job.

5. Be rich. Impossible? No, it’s not. I have to keep my optimism high and make it work. Who knows? Maybe tonight’s jackpot for the lotto will be for us.

So 2008, we have a long time ahead. I am no clairvoyant or a psychotic psychic to predict what will happen this year. Let’s all enjoy the year ahead. Let’s wait for 2008’s surprises. Happy New Year Y’all!



  1. how about do something illegal this year? like say, rob a bank. Then you’ll be able to get that phone, learn to drive a hot car, not worry about saving money, and be instantly rich. Then you’ll probably prioritize sex.

  2. Paolo,
    Wow. I never thought of that. I won’t try robbing a bank, I’ll just invest it on my business; drug trafficking. LOL.

  3. Good luck with all those goals!

  4. Your in denial you mention sex at least 3 time in this post. It’s number 1.
    My dad uses the bike excuse too but bike and car have nothing to do with each other.

  5. ui billycoy, musta naman dito? wahahhaa. tatago ka pa ah!

  6. Exene,
    Have I said it 3 times? Then it could be really the least of my priorities, if I mentioned it 5 to 10 times, then that’s in denial. LOL.

    sinong nagtatago?

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