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Whatta long weekend! How was my holiday? It was actually more of a vacation than of a holiday. My brain had just activated its vacation mode—maybe because I was lacking good cash during Christmas. In fact, even I’m now back at work, I don’t feel like working at all. I want my lazy ass back on our sofa, insert a crappy movie in the DVD player and munch on sinful junk foods that will bulk my tummy.

So far, the first part of my holiday vacation was good enough. Beer sessions, chatting with old time friends and relatives and getting envious with the fancy gadgets others got for Christmas. I hadn’t received anything nor had I given anyone anything. I told ya I was lacking good cash. I’d already bought the flat TV I wanted for our home, that’s why. Having no greens in my pocket made me a bit cranky. Thus, it made me to this simple equation:

Christmas = Current savings + Monthly Salary + Bonuses + 13th month pay
Christmas = amount of gifts (whether received, given, traded or stolen)
Christmas = number of tiyanak inaanak asking for annual christmas gifts
Christmas = numbers of Ninong or Ninang hiding from their inaanak
Christmas = number of greetings received via text, cards or verbal
Christmas = playdate of Metro Manila Filmfest entries

That’s my scrooge side’s point of view. This is my simplest meaningful Christmas equation:

Christmas = time to bond (whether coming from family or friends)

Is that sentimental?

Even without money and brain was in vacation mode, I still had fun. I had to enjoy the holidays amidst empty wallet and untainted virginity. Pigging out on festive meals and getting drunk, who’ll not love it? I enjoyed belting out my guts in front of the videoke machine. That’s the only part of my holiday I loved best. Singing on top of my lungs without a tune like there was no tomorrow felt great. Better than beer! I didn’t even care if I already summoned a storm with my scandalous voice. I was happy with it, so others should bear with my inconvenience.

The holiday is not yet over. New Year is still to come. Thus, making another long weekend after the payday on Friday. Yay! Don’t we just love holidays. That’s why I like staying here in the Philippines, we have a lots of it. More fun to come, and I hope to get a wonderful sex life within this season. Will somebody give it to me? If not, a pocket pussy will do.


I can’t believe I made it to the semi-finals of the Ruffbook giveaway. I’m not expecting that much but I want to win. I’m currently in a losing battle against other contenders. But not all losers really lose, right? So help me get that Ruffbook. Vote for number 11.


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