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My beloved good ol’ PC just gave up on me last night. It can be a sign. An omen that I need to replace it. I dunno what’s the damage that’s why I have to bring it to the nearest PC repair shop to have it diagnosed. I don’t want it just repaired, I BADLY NEED IT REPLACED with a new one. A laptop perhaps. The only chance I have to get it for now is to win that Ruffbook PC giveaway in The Thinking Blog poll.

I have the no.43 slot, so I’m begging all people reading this—if there are to vote for my blog to nab that Ruffbook PC of my dreams. I need a campaign manager to grab that coveted prize by December 25. Since I am the campaign manager of my own blog, Please vote for number 43.


People with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) are very hard to deal with. They are the least species I like especially if they are my clients. Those damn perfectionists. They are nature’s real-life monsters whose chromosomes are genetically altered to perfection; assholes. Why do nature made creatures like them?

There are different levels of people having this disorder. There are those who have tolerable cases of OCD. Mild, harmless but still frightfully annoying. Like my mom. Of course, I need to tolerate it because SHE’S MY MOM, good heavens! Somehow my mom’s OCD subsided as she ages gracefully. She still has it sometimes but it’s still manageable.

Of course, who would like to deal with somebody’s OCD who pushes to the limit? The limit when I can pull off their tongue from their mouth and pop holes in their eyes. These are the types who get to my nerves quickly. When it comes to clients, well, it’s a bloody battle of wits and patience. Like just for an unnoticeable detail, they can still see it. They want to move a very specific stroke, an adjustment with a li’l hue of color or a slight curve with a single strand of hair. They are like that, they have the seventh sense that sees the unseen—not even the ghosts can see.

If there are jobs suited for them I bet they’ll pass in the Quality Control (QC) department or maybe a great proofreader. They have the third eye for details. It’s good to have them sometimes because they make mediocrity into a new heights. Improvement is their middle name, but annoyance is their first. Cortisol level is rising and zits are surfacing on my youthful skin because of the stress they of their OC-ness. It can’t be helped, I have to do my job. I have to satisfy my clients. Does that sound right?

It’s actually good to be an OC if we are directing the orders, but when we are the opposite side, be prepared.

The world is full of OCs but not most of them live in the Orange County, geesh.


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  1. Request Granted! 😛

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