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Shortcut to Avenue Q

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My eyeball date turned me down yesterday. We were about to watch Avenue Q at RCBC plaza by 3pm but she couldn’t make it yesterday for some reasons. So I sulked in one corner causing our whole town flooded with my own tears. Everyone have a schadenfreude of my misery. I looked for another date because I didn’t want the other ticket to be left unused. And I found a date! My alter-ego!

*Schadenfreude – People taking pleasure in your pain

Since I didn’t purchase my ticket, we went earlier to the venue to redeem our tickets from the front desk. I grabbed a praline mocha frap at the nearest Starbucks to add stickers on my stickerpad and chilled a bit. Having my alter-ego as my companion that day saved me a lot of my greens. We only need a single tall frap to share with each other. Oh, ain’t that sweet? The usher at the theater also told me that me and my alterego only need one ticket to watch the show. T’was a great deal, I could have brought another friend so that there would be three of us watching Avenue Q. But I’m already happy with my alterego date, we had our intimate moments together.

I enjoyed watching Avenue Q. It’s a grown-up version of Sesame Street. The show blatantly tackles racism, internet porn and much more adult stuff. It also has a puppet nudity and humping scenes which made my schlong stiff. It’s not always I see a puppet porn. I can also relate to Trekkie monster because he loves porn and… porn.

INTERNET IS FOR PORN! – Trekkie Monster

I was a bit annoyed with the girls sitting beside me. They were singing along with the songs. It couldn’t be helped because the songs were catchy anyway. I wanted to grab a microphone and get them on stage so that they could kill the audience with their voices. I wanted to tell them “Okay, I know you know the songs. This is not a concert, so shut up!” I couldn’t do that of course because I was also busy singing—mentally.

After the show, me and my alterego went to Glorietta and shared a sandwich at Wendy’s. Ain’t we sweet and cheap?


Before I went to sleep, my bro tried a VCD in our player. I was reluctant to see because I thought it was porn. I was wrong. Instead, I saw a monstrous man lifting barbells and dumbbells. It was VCD of Jay Cutler’s exercises at the gym. I was into tears seeing him lifting a whopping 400 pounds on bench press and 90 pounds each arm with a dumbbell flye. I am too far from that. His size was incredibly monstrous. I was scared by the weights he was lifting and his enormous built.

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Like I always am, I was late for work again this morning. But it was a different scenario. YOUR president was coming to our small town in Pasay. Guess what? All the jeeps were rerouted and I was already an hour late. Geesh! Whattaluck I had today. I dunno what she’ll do there, the country’s ruler just made my day. Lucky I had my mp3 to brighten my mood.


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  1. LOL! Too bad you go out with your alter ego, sana kasi kami na lang ang sinama mo… LOLOLOL!

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